Weather Forecast for Omaha/Sunday

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by EDT, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. EDT

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    Looks like it will be really hot. Our team can handle it. :hookem:

    96°HIRealFeel® 97°Precipitation 23%

    Blazing sunshine; breezy, hot, humid; extreme heat can be dangerous for outdoor activities.
  2. LongestHorn

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    It will be 125 degrees on the field Sunday. It didn't stop us in 2002 against the Cocks. Bring it.
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  3. Joe Fan

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    Official - Nolan Kingham will start
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  4. giveemhell

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    Our winning percentage going into the CWS is .666 (42 wins-21 losses). Um, that's a lucky number, right?
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  5. mchammer

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    0.667 is the correct answer for 3 sig. digits
  6. LongestHorn

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    Username suggests yes.
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