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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by George Bailey, Jan 12, 2021.

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    Perhaps if and when Smith learns to read the defense, run the correct routes, catch the damn ball, and not get knocked off at the line of scrimmage
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    :popcorn: ... watching intently
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    If that is indeed true, it is still pretty crappy of Armani to rush to be the first with news that Quinn should be telling on his own.
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    I too think everyone needs to put the brakes on Casey Thompson. He lucked out and didnt get intercepted 2 times in the CU game that against OU would have gone the other way. He did throw some nice deep passes but this is our only view of his play. And Colorado was just not a quality team. The biggest gripe I always had with TH offense was the QB never seemed to read the d like Colt did and adjust the plays. Perhaps he was and it just wasnt obvious but as much as we all hated Greg Davis and the sideways pass, Davis was a very good QB coach. Ok, let the hate roll in!!!
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    Good points but no longer valid with Sark onboard.
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    Correct. I suspect the Broyles award winning coach widely known as a quarterback whisper and offensive genius- is probably capable of assessing the strengths and weaknesses of his quarterbacks.
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    I'd like to see Whittington play 2 consecutive series without getting hurt.
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    Thompson and Ewers are intriguing topics but I’ll just say Hudson Card is coming!!!!
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    Every QB almost or do throw an interception in every game and besides, I think Moore gave up on the play. There is a lot more evidence that he is a good QB rather than a poor one. When Thompson came in at the beginning of the third quarter Texas was only up 10 points so Colorado still felt they were very much in it. I know you don't want to get your hopes up and be disappointed with Thompson if doesn't turn out to be good. But have faith my friend.
    Another thing that I like about Thompson is that he is a sharp individual and as such he will apply himself as a student of the game.
    Quinn Ewers completed 44% of his passes in his last game that's piss poor maybe he's not as good as Thompson.
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