West Virginia vs TEXAS (10/1/22) - Pre-Game

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    The Mountaineers leave their stills and come down to the big city on Saturday to take on the Enigmahorns @ 6:30 P.M. CT. TV = FS1 (Fox Sports 1).

    WV stands at 2-2 having lost to Pitt (31-38) and Kansas (42-55 OT) in their first games, but rallying to pick up wins against mighty Towson (65-7) and Virginia Tech (33-10). It's hard to judge these Mountaineers by their record but, as they say, it's all relative in West Virginia.

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    Yep, they're all related and many if not most illegally harvest "zeng" or make shine.
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  6. Godz40acres

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    Uh, oh.... Look at their 4th down conversions. We're DOOOOOOMED!
  7. Chop

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    Their D front and pass rush is good. Stills is real good.
    Their offense is balanced.
    This game will be a good test.
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    Honestly this is the away game that I'll miss the most when we leave the B12.

    They played us well for the most part.

    Adult (not punk college kids) fans were fun and raucous, but very gracious. We always got free food and moonshine at take your pick of tailgates. Lots of hand shaking and talking about each other's strengths and weaknesses.

    Walked into the game always feeling fine and full.
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    Had to laugh at this because what game isn’t?
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    Well, there’s always Kansas for the easy automatic W.

    Errrrrrrr, never mind………

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    WV OC Graham Harrell

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    Strong play up front brings plenty of balance to offense

    In large part due to a combination of experience and development, West Virginia expected its offensive line to be much improved in 2022.

    Through four games, the unit has met and perhaps exceeded expectations, and it’s a big reason the Mountaineers boast one of college football’s most balance offenses.

    Tony Mathis began the season as WVU’s featured option and leads the backfield with 58 carries. Mathis has gained 272 yards, which ranks second behind CJ Donaldson’s 380 yards.

    Donaldson, a 240-pound true freshman, is averaging 7.3 yards per carry and has six rushing scores despite coming to campus without playing tailback in high school.

    For as solid as West Virginia has been run blocking, the team’s pass protection has been equally effective, allowing only five sacks, including two over the last three games.

    [More at MetroNews]
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    Preliminary notes and thoughts on West Virginia

    The biggest concern in this game for Texas will be the Texas secondary matching up against the talented, if inconsistent, WVU receiving trio of Bryce Ford-Wheaton, Kaden Prather, and Sam James. Ford-Wheaton receives most of the headlines because he is a specimen, but his +/- isn’t the greatest on the season.

    Prather is the one who catches my attention. He’s big, but moves like a much smaller receiver. He’s smooth with good speed.

    Ensuring the safeties and linebackers have plenty to worry about is the slot receiver James, as well as the WVU running game. The running backs are solid. Freshman CJ Donaldson is garnering most of the headlines. He played tight end in high school which the telecast will note 10 times. He’s listed at 6-foot-2, 240 pounds but doesn’t necessarily look that big.The other two backs, Tony Mathis and Justin Johnson like to bounce it outside.

    On defense, the Mountaineers often use a three-man front but they’ll also walk up their outside linebacker. Nose tackle Jordan Jefferson is quick and powerful and will give the iOL plenty to worry about. They’ll need to double him.

    Other than Kansas West Virginia has been very good against the run. This isn’t the game to stubbornly run the ball on obvious run downs.

    The WVU secondary plays off coverage quite a bit so Sark should find passing opportunity underneath, to the flat, and in the RPO game.

    [More at IT]
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  15. Plano Longhorn

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  16. Plano Longhorn

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    All depends on the QB who plays and Worthy’s health. Gonna be another fourth quarter game. Sark’s game plan with a lead has to change. A must win going in against Zero U. B
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    WVU Football Report Card:
    Defense Can’t Afford More Growing Pains

    By a WV sports writer
    Defensive Line: C
    It might be strange to see a C grade for the aspect of the defense that includes one of the best players on the entire team, but that’s the case with the WVU defensive line.

    A strong showing in Blacksburg may mean this group has found itself again, which needs to be the situation with a tough stretch of the schedule ahead.

    Secondary: B
    The secondary was supposed to be led by Charles Woods, who has been out since early in the Brawl, and it is remains unclear when (or if) he will actually return. Other than Woods, the secondary is full of either youth or transfers lacking experience in the system.

    Opposing offenses will undoubtedly try to expose the secondary throughout the rest of the season.

    Linebackers: C
    Much like the defensive line, WVU’s linebackers came up small in a loss that can still haunt the Mountaineers before the season is over.

    Defense: C
    As stated earlier, it is fair to argue the Kanas loss was just a really bad at the office, and it is fair to view the Jayhawks as a good team now since they can argue for being worthy of a top 25 ranking, but it is just impossible to grade the defense as anything higher than a C right now.

    [More at WVSN]
  18. RainH2burntO

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    "This isn't the game to stubbornly run the ball on obvious run downs"

    No...That was last game
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  19. Chop

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    And by the way, some commentators are greatly downplaying their DL. Stills and friends will present a big challenge for our OL.
  20. RainH2burntO

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    Wonder why we haven't seen Omeire yet?

    And I thought we might get a better glimpse at Red the 2nd half last week.

    Milton may have bought some playing time with that special grab late
  21. Godz40acres

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    At least two of the WV sports-guys articles I've read have talked about the Mountainboys "preparing for both Texas QBs."

    I say we start Wright the 1st quarter, Murphy the next quarter, the portal in Vince for the 2nd half.

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    Mountaineers built to replicate offensive gameplans
    of Roadrunners, Red Raiders

    The 12th all-time meeting between the two programs affords Texas a chance to even the series at 6-6 — the Mountaineers are the only program in the conference with a winning record against the Longhorns. Winning at home against West Virginia has been a difficult task, however, with Texas winning only two of six contests on the Forty Acres.

    One of the most impactful decisions of Brown’s tenure in Morgantown was the hire of offensive coordinator Graham Harrell in the offseason, a significant upgrade to the staff that allowed Brown to hand over play-calling duties to the former Texas Tech quarterback.

    The addition hasn’t quite been a resounding success through four games....

    [T]he Mountaineers do have two big targets on the outside in 6’3, 224-pound Bryce Ford-Wheaton and 6’4, 211-pound Kaden Prather. Ford-Wheaton in particular is an astounding athlete with some significant NFL upside....

    At running back, CJ Donaldson is a 6’2, 240-pound force of nature with a rare combination of speed and physicality — he can run away from linebackers and run over defensive backs....

    Jordan Lesley’s defense has only forced one interception this season and recovered two fumbles — there just aren’t a lot of playmakers in this group, especially at the linebacker level and in the secondary, affording the Longhorns a chance to win the turnover battle for only the second time this season.

    With a background as a defensive line coach, Lesley’s defense is strongest at the point of attack, led by defensive tackle Dante Stills, who has three tackles for loss and 2.5 sacks this season, along with a forced fumble. Quick and sturdy at 6’4, 285 pounds, Still is more disruptive than his stats would suggest, and plays next to 6’3, 310-pounder Jordan Jefferson, who leads the team with 3.5 tackles for loss.

    Outside of the Kansas game, the pass defense has allowed only two passing touchdowns this season....

    [More at BON]

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    I have direct TV in Houston.

    My Guide has FS1 (channel 219) NASCAR at 11:00 on Saturday. Where can I get the game.

    Any other TV provider have Texas V WV on FS1 at 11:00?
  25. horn_fan_cpa

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    I believe the game is at 6:30 pm?
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    Thank you. I am old!
  27. Sangre Naranjada

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    Just for that, cpa, you get to play on old65's lawn.
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    An Inside Texas article asks 5 questions of their writers re: Texas vs West Virginia. Here's #3....

    3. With a few of Texas’ best offensive players nursing injuries – Quinn Ewers, Xavier Worthy – who needs to step up the most?

    Eric NahlinHudson Card. WVU’s secondary plays off and is still susceptible to getting beat deep. Xavier Worthy’s health is unfortunate, but most teams don’t have a player like him yet can still punish WVU.

    Justin Wells – Texas Offensive Line. The hogmollies up front need to establish the tempo and allow the Horns enough creases for Bijan and Roschon, while allowing Card’s play-action game succeed.

    Joe CookHudson Card. He answered the call pretty well last week. He needs to do it again.

    Ian Boyd – The Longhorns need one more receiver aside from Jordan Whittington to earn the trust of the coaches to get a major role in the passing game and then pull through by getting open and securing catches.

    Bobby Burton – Texas got absolutely nothing out of its defensive ends last week. And that’s against a Tech group that is subpar at best. Hopefully Moro Ojomo returns and makes an impact. No pass rush against JT Daniels is a recipe for a long night in DKR.

    Paul WadlingtonHudson Card. West Virginia’s pass defense is vulnerable. Card has to make throws on-time to receivers running away from him.

    Gerry HamiltonAgiye Hall, Savion Red and maybe it’s Brenen Thompson time. Texas needs Hall to become a threat down the field for sure. Tarique Milton will snatch the football out of the air if given opportunities. So, it’s wide receiver across the board. Hall would be ideal, as that would help maximize Ja’Tavion Sanders.

    [More at IT]
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