What a mess.

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Pickle_Nuts, Jan 18, 2023.

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    Pickle_Nuts Will travel with tickets.

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    Agreed...the answer should be "No release granted". Florida doesn't want him to leave. Florida may or may not be responsible for the failure of the NIL deal. But, theoretically, those two items are separate. If numnuts doesn't like that answer, he can sit out a year wherever he wants. But after this, good luck finding a team who will touch him.
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    Can’t he wash cars at a local car wash to seal a NIL deal?
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    It was only a matter of time before these business deals started looking like business deals which means there's no guarantees.

    I think they need to establish contracts with a no transfer clause. A breach of payment should give the player their transfer rights back. But end the annual free agency just to chase money around. Even the pros are stuck unless they hold out. I'd like to see some college kid try that. The contract should say a hold-out is unable to register for any other classes OR transfer. That sounds draconian but everyone pushes the envelope so you need a hammer. Of course, they will then trump up abuse, racism, etc. charges that justify the hold-out. In the end, greed destroys all intent and processes.
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    Car Wash: We have a great special today, only $1.27 mil per wash. Includes application of special sealant.

    Driver: But, but, I can get a new Ferrari for less than that.

    Car Wash: Yes, but that doesn't include a winning football team.
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    "DRIVER": So you're saying that $1.27 guarantees a winning football team?

    Numnuts isn't even rated as five stars...I can't comprehend that level of entitlement.

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