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    Gilbert has improved, but not that much. He played well in the 2nd half, making some nice runs and throws and didn't turn the ball over. That said, he made some bad passes, seemed locked in to Davis regardless of whether he was covered or not, and made a terrible decision to pitch while getting sacked. I would feel okay about the performance, except this is Rice, perhaps our worst opponent of the season.

    Gilbert could be good, and it will still be hard for him to succeed. The offense was booed the first series, and Gilbert was booed two other times after painfully poor decisions. That died out in the second half when he played much better, but it will not take much more than a bad pass for him to feel the weight of 101,000 wanting him to get yanked.

    The Harswhite offense is cool. Fozzy lined up as a wildcat QB, double reverse passes, tons of shifts and motion. Oh, and a freaking WR screen that featured Shipley catching the ball in stride moving laterally and gaining yards. I think our offense is going to wind up being pretty darn good by mid-season.

    Malcolm Brown is the best runner on the roster. He needs to see his playing time increase every game until he is the starter the week before OU. The other backs should play a lot, but Brown is special.

    Our interior run defense looked worse than last year to me. Rice abused us running up the middle. They didn't have long plays for touchdowns, but they could pretty much count on 3-12 yards up the middle whenever they wanted.

    The offensive line is still a work in progress. We ran the ball well, but Gilbert had way too much pressure on him.

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