What if it was not the Russians?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Horn6721, Dec 13, 2016.

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    Here is some discussion of which laws Hillary/DNC broke by paying the Russians for anti-Trump "research" --

    "Some experts believe Clinton and the Democratic National Committee may have violated a ban on foreign contributions to campaigns, though others disagree and emphasize potential disclosure violations by filtering payments through a law firm.

    "I think disclosure is not the key here, it's the foreign issue: that is a big damned deal," said attorney Cleta Mitchell, a Republican election law expert and partner at the law firm Foley & Lardner LLP.

    "There's been no allegation that the Trump campaign went out looking for ways to get those Russians to manipulate the election for Trump, but now you have these payments to a foreign national," she said.

    "There's this strong public policy historically that prohibits paying a foreign national or receiving anything of value from a foreign national in a U.S. campaign," Mitchell said. "If it involves an amount over $25,000 and it's knowing and willful, it's a felony."

    Mitchell points to the words "expenditure" and "disbursement" in 11 CFR 110.20, and says it will be important to learn more about Steele's citizenship, residency, interaction with other foreigners and the ownership of Fusion GPS.

    "Foreign nationals are prohibited under 2 USC 441e from directly or indirectly making any kind of contribution, disbursement, expenditure or independent expenditure in our elections," he said. "If you look at the FEC regulation on this,11 CFR 110.20, it explains this statute in great detail. If a campaign is involved in soliciting such participation, they are violating the law."....."

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    This "I was unaware" of the dossier charade by Dems and HRC is comical.

    HRC's campaign manager John Podesta testified to the Senate Intelligence Committee last month he was unaware who paid for the dossier.

    Really? Unaware the payments were made by your own personal attorney sitting right next to you when you made that statement?

    The guy who knows he was the culprit as he watched him speak those words. His personal attorney who represents both the DNC and HRC campaign.

    "Podesta happened to be sitting next to Marc Elias, the Perkins Coie lawyer who orchestrated the deal to pay opposition research firm Fusion GPS to conduct the investigation that led to the dossier. Elias was general counsel for the Clinton campaign and DNC. He is also Podesta’s attorney."
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  4. Joe Fan

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    So did DWS who was party chair at the time
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    She's making all the rounds to right-wing media. Lots of claims that will have a chance to be told to investigators rather than media.
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    I spotted this on my Yahoo feed.
    Hillary Clinton 'Sex Tape' Was Made By Russian Trolls
    [​IMG] Greg Price,Newsweek 5 hours ago

    It's clear that a rogue regime is operating with no sense of decency ... or good taste.
  7. Seattle Husker

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    Had anyone heard about a "Hillary Clinton sex tape" before this news?
  8. Crockett

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  9. Seattle Husker

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    The conservative publication The Washington Free Beacon has confirmed they initially funded the Fusion GPS research that led to the dossier. #2 was blatantly false and it was well reported on at the time the piece in the Federalist was posted and by the poster who chose to repost it here. We simply didn't know which conservative funded it.

    Still waiting on that apology, BTW.
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    Last time I checked he still can't see you so I have no idea what you're expecting.
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    Your interpretation of that article is really far off from what's written. Read the article again.
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    To be fair, we don't know that yet. The Free Beacon is at least claiming that their research had nothing to do with Russia and didn't involve Steele, who was the spy who did the Russia investigating. At least supposedly, that stuff didn't start until the Democrats took over the project.

    Not saying Republicans affirmatively didn't initially fund the Russian dossier - only that we don't know that for sure. It has been denied, and I haven't seen controverting evidence.
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    I hadn't, but I did laugh at the story. It's so absurd. I can think of few people less likely to have a sex tape. She's a lot of things, but she's not a skank making sex tapes. Bill? That's another matter. I'd be more surprised to find out that there isn't a sex tape of him somewhere.

    And of course, to aggravate the alt-Right, they had Hillary nailing a black dude in the video. Lol.

    I'm a little disappointed that Musburger didn't fill us in on this months ago.
  14. Phil Elliott

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    As Glenn Reynolds stated about all these "I was unaware" denials - [The media] would never accept such excuses from a fraternity president.
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    Who would want to see that?
    Clear 8th Amendment violation if they made you look
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    Looks like Manafort charges have nothing to do with "Russian collusion in the 2016 election"

    Scooter Libby holla

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    Alan Dershowitz says --

    "It's all about leverage. They're going after Manafort on something that apparently has nothing to do with Trump — years ago, his own business.... But what they're saying to him is 'we gotcha now, and we don't care about that, but if you can tell us something about Trump and the campaign and collusion, we'll give you a get out of jail card free So it's all about leverage. That's the way prosecutors work."

    "If he has nothing to offer, he's just going to have to defend himself on these financial charges that have nothing to do with Trump. This shows the danger. Sometimes prosecutors can twist you not only into singing but into composing, into making something up against somebody. They're so desperate to make a deal. ... If you can get yourself out of trouble by turning somebody else in, a lawyer is going to help you try to do that.

    "If he only gets Manafort, at least he has earned some of his money — the special prosecutor. And if he can turn it into somebody a little higher and a little higher and a little higher, the dominoes begin to fall. So it's a win-win strategy for prosecutors and, of course, it creates vulnerability for the target."
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    The indictment does make reference to the "European Centre for a Modern Ukraine" which I already mentioned on the Comey Mueller thread
    The ECMU involved Gtaes, the Podesta Group and Mercury, LLC
    I think this was about trying to get the Ukraine into the EU

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    You may recall Obama, Clinton, Kerry and Victoria Nuland orchestrated the ousting of Victor Yanukovych in Ukraine in 2014
    This event turned into a complete disaster for Ukraine
    What is not as widely known is that most of the funding for this Obama fiasco was provided by George Soros

    Here is a good timeline of those events, if anyone cares
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    As I wrote on the other thread and I am going to stick with this until proven wrong, Mueller was brought in to "find collusion" and maybe get Trump. This was orchestrated by Rosenstein probably. He is the one who talked Sessions into recusal then helped get Comey ousted, freeing his hand to appoint Mueller.

    Mueller got into it and quickly realized he had a problem. There was no Trump crime to investigate. On the other hand, he did find evidence he did not expect. Corruption on the other side. From the Podestas to several of the Obama folks, including the Uranium One "deal."

    I would love to know what Rosenstein and Mueller discussed on this point, but we will never be told. But Mueller had a real question on his hands - what should he do about this other stuff, about Uranium One? Should the investigation be expanded? If so, would it force the recusal of Mueller (who was FBI Director during the Uranium One investigation. He had personal knowledge of that case. The rule are clear, that is grounds for recusal).

    It's probably a safe guess that Mueller does not want to get into Uranium One. Besides the recusal part, it could be the biggest scandal in US history. He might have to indict a ton of people, including an ex-Secretary of State. Maybe even higher up. Can you imagine what would happen in this country if that happened? There would be riots and chaos.

    What's the poor boy to do?

    My guess is he will not go the distance. He will not want to be the person responsible for shaking the foundations of our democracy. Which will mean shutting it down with some statement like "No collusion found, sorry." And then Mueller quietly exiting the stage.

    But we will see.
  21. Garmel

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    I have lib friends on my Facebook who are so excited because they think this indictment of Manafort is about Russian collusion. I guess if I read/watched the mainstream press as much as they do I'd probably believe it too.
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    The charges do not have anything directly to do with what Mueller was charged with investigating. Seems clear he wants to flip him. But the problem for Mueller could be that all Manafort has to offer is the Podestas. I think Trump might actually have some leverage with Mueller now.
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    Speaking of the Podestas, they did refile some 3 years worth of unreported FARA disclosures

    Think they are getting a little nervous?


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    Here is the full doc

  25. Garmel

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    Yep. Regardless of what the Mueller team has said this was a fishing expedition. No doubt about it. The big question is will Manafort make something up to save his hide?
  26. Seattle Husker

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    Lot's of "leaping to conclusions". I'll stand by and let the investigation continue. 3 indictments so far: Manafort, Gates and Popodopolous. Flynn likely be to be indited at some point based on what we know.
  27. Joe Fan

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    ruh roh

    If you have been reading my posts, can you guess who just lawyered up?

    The Poedstas
  28. Joe Fan

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    Sessions and Trump are meeting today
    I wonder if they will discuss appointing a Special Prosecutor to look at Uranium One?
    If so, we could have the unique situation where a sitting Special Prosecutor is investigating another sitting Special Prosecutor
    Strange days indeed
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    The Podesta Group, mentioned in the Manafort indictment, took in at least $200k to lobby on behalf of Uranium One

  30. Joe Fan

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