What if it was not the Russians?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Horn6721, Dec 13, 2016.

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    Strange strategy
    Do the Dems not know they won?
    Or are they afraid of what is coming out of investigations?
  3. Garmel

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    They and the intel agencies are trying to justify their corrupt investigations.
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    I don’t know guys, they’re probably afraid of State forensic investigations of election fraud in AZ and MI. AZ starts next week and Biden won that state by 11K votes. They think 60% of the votes could be questionable, just in AZ. If AZ is overturned, then MI, a bunch of other States will follow suit. It’s the individual States pushing this.

    This also explains the Biden War mongering. It’s all a distraction! Biden could be out of there in 90-150 days?
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    I heard that Trump was actually still President but he was just wearing a Biden mask.
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  7. AC

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    Of course this news report above, is left wing biased. We'll see what happens. Of course it will get politicized.
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    What a pathetic joke:

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    The turnstile between media - government - media is only circumvented by lobbyists - government - lobbyists. All are equally concerning and should be restricted. Not sure how that's possible but it would be a positive development for our democracy.
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  11. mchammer

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    Full on corruption. Trump didn’t do half of this.


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