What if it was not the Russians?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Horn6721, Dec 13, 2016.

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    Communists don't punish communists. They are all working for the revolution.
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    Warmer, warmer, hot, hotter…

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    Lots of triangle propaganda bounced between the Shrillary campaign, America’s KGB the FBI, and media outlets.

    The campaign would make something up, then get the secret police to open an investigation of the lie. The FBI would then leak their investigation to their media chumps, who amped it up even more.

    Amazingly, the clods at the FBI would then use newspaper articles as evidence in various court proceedings such as FISA warrants. Thankfully for all in involved (except the persons being wrongfully spied on) the FISA court is both the rubberist of rubbery stamps, and can’t even be bothered to get upset when it’s exposed they’ve been lied to.

    Durham is (finally) starting to indict those at the start of the process - those in the campaign. But the FBI agents involved in the fraudulent spying need to be tried as well. The above scheme doesn’t work without a crooked FBI to launder the lies through.
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  4. Horn6721

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    Excellent explanation. As hard as it is to believe that so far they are getting away with it.
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    Really? Not hard at all considering.
  6. Monahorns

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    Abolish the FBI.
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  7. mchammer

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    Remember there are morons who believed this guy was for real:

  8. Duck Dodgers

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    Shh, don't tell Barry. He still thinks Boris and Natashia stole his election in 2016.

    Looks like Durham is focusing on the origins of the Russia! lie - which goes back to who leaked the DNC's emails. The ruling class thinks that was about the Worst Crime Ever!!!, when in reality it just showed that the primary was rigged against B Sanders and that he never had a chance to win.

    The DNC, being a privileged member of the DC ruling class, didn't actually turn over any IT evidence to the FBI - they had a 3rd party company named Crowd Strike look over their IT system, declare it was da Russians!, and off the FBI went as if that was a proven fact. Must be nice to be the DC ruling class. You can just call up the FBI and tell them who did something to you, and off they go without any investigation of their own. All members of the same big family and all.

    Durham seems to be looking into who started the original story of it being the Russians, compared to the more likely story of the DNC whistleblower and Sanders fan, who mysteriously was shot dead in a still unsolved case, coincidentally!

    And, who started the lie of some computer in Trump Towers being connected to those meanie Russians, which is referred to as the Alfa Bank Hoax.

    The best source for such doings is the Twitter author Techo Fog:


  9. Seattle Husker

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  10. mchammer

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  11. Seattle Husker

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    Wait...you think operated with full integrity EXCEPT when supporting candidates pushing Cannibis legislation? When he supports Guiliani/Soloman he's "good" but is "bad" in other situations. That's how you compartmentalize Manafort and all the others in Trump's orbit that are so clearly dirty?
  12. mchammer

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    No I see it as deflection on your part to shield the Biden’s from their obvious corruption in Ukraine. Hunter is a oil and gas executive. :lmao:
  13. Seattle Husker

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    You answered my question with a deflection claiming I was deflecting. Deft move albeit pretty transparent.
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  14. mchammer

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    Campaign finance violations vs $600k per year in bribes. You make the call.
  15. Seattle Husker

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    What call? They are both despicable people intent on using the system for their own benefit. Not sure there is any type of moral equivalent here.
  16. Garmel

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  17. Horn2RunAgain

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    Did someone say 2 despicable people?

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  18. mchammer

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    OU Bubba, try to contain yourself.

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    Madonna is an attention ***** has been hag.
  20. Sangre Naranjada

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    So is Hillary.
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  21. mchammer

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    This is reference to David Corn at Mother Jones mag. On another thread, SH or Bubba wasn’t aware of the link between Mother Jones and Russian collusion hoax.

  22. Garmel

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  23. OUBubba

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    I mean they colluded out in the open. Steele was a non issue.

    I love it! Especially if it's later in the summer!
  24. Garmel

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    If they colluded why didn't Mueller charge anybody?
  25. mchammer

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    You beat me Garmel to the punch! :cursing2:
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  26. mchammer

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    No one will ask Wray or the DOJ stooge Rosenstein (now retired) as to what the hell happened with the Mueller investigation.
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  27. Garmel

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    The question I would love to have answered is how Ukrainians who were American assets under Obama or were neutral all of a sudden were declared Russian agents with little to no proof.
  28. Seattle Husker

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    The Steele Dossier was NOT the Mueller investigation. There were many more elements of the Mueller investigation that were neve touched on in the Steele Dossier.

    If you care what aspects of the Steele Dossier were confirmed or dispelled by the Mueller investigation check this link.
  29. Garmel

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    This is just the first step. You libs won't like the finale.
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  30. Seattle Husker

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    I'm curious what "you libs" like or don't like. Care to share?

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