What if it was not the Russians?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Horn6721, Dec 13, 2016.

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    Indicted =/= convicted.

    Sentencing really shouldn't happen until a conviction or at least a plea, don't you agree?
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    Some pretty damning comments...

    "'My point of view is until the United States actually declares war against Russia, I'm able to help as much as I want,' Henry allegedly told the undercover agent when they met to set up the deal in August. 'At that point, I'll have some ethical issues I'll have to work through.'"
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    The FBI has become simply the secret police force for the Democrat party. Covering up their crimes, while raiding and arresting their political enemies. They'll thumb their nose at this FOIA request, without repercussions. They lied repeatedly to the FISA court, supposedly the most holy of holy courts in the court, without any problems, so this little minor court ruling is easily ignored.
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    While I am not an attorney, what bothers me about the indictment, is that an FBI informant claimed to be from the Russian Embassy (lie?). Isn't that entrapment? Why was this couple targeted?

    I am also concerned about the dates in the indictment - Around or About. Why not specific dates? Is this normal?
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    Entrapment is when Dion induces you to make posts that you would not normally make in violation of the Posting Guidelines. He always does that.

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    Indictments OFTEN use an on/about nomenclature. It is not unique to this particular federal prosecution.

    Entrapment would require that there was an inducement to do something the defendant would otherwise never have engaged in. It is clear that these two defendants acted of their own volition, especially since the wife HAD previously contacted the Embassy. After all, they could have said 'GTFO' when the scheme was initially proposed to them. They didn't.

    The cynic in me says this was probably an op to try and DISprove the claims that trannies were fair game to be compromised, even when they were 'out.' Instead, the government found out that, just as with Bradley Manning, they are out for themselves, country be damned. There are apparently some tweets from the tranny that also served to place them on the radar as relates to Ukraine/Russia...

    And I have to say that I am proud of the government for acknowledging a male is a male.
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    THIS is why you need a good lawyer. Even after they explain stuff, you can generally figure it out without having to go to law school.
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    Ok Sangre You are right.
    WHEN they are convicted they should be executed or exiled.
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    I explained it to you. I’m an airline pilot and karate instructor. You’re welcome.
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    Legal advice: mb227

    Flying and Killing: HIC

    Got it.
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    Hey, I can get a plane off the ground...and every single one I got off the ground made it back to the ground...intact.
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    I can spell laywer.

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    A member of the FBI just testified under oath that they used the dossier knowing that it could not be collaborated.

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    The investigation was corrupt to its core

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    Their defense will be that it was the media at fault for blowing their investigation out of proportion.
  20. Mr. Deez

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    No, the defense will be that they didn't lie. If the question was whether or not they paid Steele and they said they only paid his travel arrangements, it's not a lie unless they actually paid him the $1M.

    When you coach a witness you tell him to answer truthfully but only to answer the question that is asked. He is not to volunteer anything that isn't responsive to the question asked. Make the interrogator do his job.

    The hypothetical I used to give was this. "Do you know what the weather is like today?" In normal conversation, we might say, "Well, it's cloudy and cool, looks like rain." When answering questions in a legal context, the answer is "Yes" or "No."
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