What is Socialism?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Musburger1, Apr 14, 2016.

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    But oil production is bad. We all need to live in an oil-less world, to stop global warming.
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    So I'm still waiting for an official definition of what the progressives mean by "democratic socialism." From what I can tell, it basically means "free benefits for people who need them, heavily tax rich people, and give everyone a government job if they want it, rule by bureaucracy and activist judges, and if you're not a progressive thinker, you're not welcome in public discourse." I'm actually convinced that is as specific and in-depth as many of them have defined their ideology, meaning that it's not that they're NOT pushing for government takeover of private industry and property, and it's not that they're AGAINST pure socialism, it's just that they haven't really given it a lot of thought, and to the extent that they get the things they want, they want to preserve whatever benefits they get from capitalism without actually understanding how they got all those things to begin with. In other words, we're all for nationalizing stuff unless it messes up brunch plans.
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    Very well said
    except. " free benefits for people who want them"
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    They think the US is behind the rest of the free world, not ahead of it.

    But we are stronger than European Democratic Socialists for a reason. First, they are only free because of the US.
    Second, they are not even technically citizens, but subjects. Their rights are borrowed from their statist masters, and they have no real way to preserve them.

    The historical facts are that most "Democratic Socialist" nations would today be victims of Democide, or death by big government, if it wasn't for the US coming to their rescue. So I say, if they want to dial back NATO or kill it, then OK. Let's let them fend for themselves. Let's see what happens. It was easy for them to create nanny states once we took care of all the bad guys for them.

    Socialists in Europe and their related wanna-bes have for a long time now called Americans backward, barbaric and so forth. And yet they had to beg us barbarians to come save them from themselves not once, not twice, but three times in the 20th century. Amazingly enough they appear to have learned nothing. So, again, I say cut 'em lose.

    "Democratic Socialists" in the rest of the "free world" better pray nothing happens to this nation of barbarians. Fake rights get recalled real quick when all you have to protect them is ... well .... nothing.

    Like I said above, there is only one country in this entire equation with actual citizens. The rest are subjects.
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    I like remembering ours is the ONLY country founded on an idea.
    And I like remembering our government has lasted longer than any other nation of any size.
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    If we could get out of NATO and out of the UN, that would make me very happy.

    Bingo. This is why I dismiss anyone who brings up Sweden or Denmark as successful socialism countries. They themselves would deny they are socialist, first of all, but beyond that, yeah it's a lot easier to make that model work when you don't have to pay for defense.
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    JF here is someone else besides me echoing your point:

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