What kind of snake is this?

Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by Bob Wills, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Bevo04

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    It's an Alabama Black Snake
  2. l00p

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    That means it is not too beau coup?
  3. LonghornCatholic

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    I asked my dad - he is a Pathophysiologist, he says that without a doubt that snake is a Mongolian Urticaria.
    Gentle as can be and taste like chicken

  4. BattleshipTexas

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    Isn't that just a garter snake? Probably the most common snake in Texas unless you combine the various rat snake and chicken snake species.
  5. pulque

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    Nope, Ive asked numerous female snakeologists and they all agree that is a Mamba; probably of the drought and/or the tube snake Mambas...
  6. l00p

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    I am lucky to have never had to see one of these lethal tube snake serpents boogie down the road all night long, all night long. But I did know a gal who lived up the hill. She won't look at one but her sister will, when it boogies, when that tube snake boogies.
  7. Uninformed

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    ^^^^That really sounds like a tube snake.

    Boogie woogie all night long. Blow your top.
  8. pulque

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    When they boogie, Mamba's are most deadly....

    LITNIN HORN 1,000+ Posts


    The Tube Snake Mamba is found in history as far back as the Three Wise Men.

  10. l00p

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    The Tube Snake Mamba, different than the Drought Mamba pictured in the initial post for this thread, is highly deceptive. It is a chameleon in a snakes body complete with deadly neurotoxin for venom. They can even make themselves look like a tube sock if they get indoors.
  11. Bob Wills

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    Very informative thread!

    What are the export restrictions on Tube Mambas? It is rumored that their medicinal properties are very similar to a three toed thoth's tongue, but only if prepared using the prussian hussar method. Any personal experience? Oh by the way, we decided to bring her back from the dead and she now sleeps at our feet during the night. When it gets chilly, she also gleeks on our legs to calm the nerves. Outside of her insistence on watching at least 2 hours of zombie programming a day, she's a great family member.
  12. l00p

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    BW, yours may be the first post in the history of Hornfans to use the word, "Gleek". Well done.
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    Keep the gleep away from me...Particularly, Mamba Gleep!
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    not watching it. nothing to see here.
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    Dammit!!! I watched it.

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    all of this nope

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