What usually happens during a visit?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by goosehorn, Jan 22, 2002.

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    When a recruit visits a campus, what do they do to persuade the person to commit? Do they go out with some of the players? Do they only show the facilities and meet people?

    WHat specifically does Texas do? They seem to do something very different from other schools. What are the things that Texas showcases to a potential recruit?

    What are some of the things that schools have done to illegally recruit athletes? Has Texas ever done this?

    Why would a kid ever want to go to College Station, Manhattan, Waco, etc?

    The reason why I ask these questions? I have always heard bits of all of these things. I have found it to be interesting to hear some of the stories of how these things shake down.

    If I were a kid considering Texas or other schools, and I was taken to Red River between 6th and 10th streets, I would commit right there and then.
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    At A&M they go to Ruth's Crispy Steak House & bingo.
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    If what really happens on a visit was reported here, this thread would probably move over to the Austin 3:16 board.
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    I could tell you, but then, of course, I'd have to kill you.
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    Jester wins
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    I take it that the AAS says is the PG version.
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    First the spaceship lands, then the tractor beam begins to pull you toward the ship, then the door opens, then....
    Oh ,......... that's another kind of visit.
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    Texr . . . the visit you refer to ends up with an anal probe. Gosh, I guess that's how a visit for a Agroid to Colley Station "ends" up also, huh?
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    Unfortunately the biggest thing that happens on visits to Texas is they commit. [​IMG]

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    Funny how R.C. kind of takes a jab at Austin and UT.

    "If a guy doesn't come to A&M because the nightlife isn't wild enough, we've probably saved ourselves a problem down the road."

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    girls, girls, girls girls, girls I do a-doore
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    dear goosehorn see my post here on NCAA guidelines on recruiting.
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    I was hoping to find out some interesting stuff that happens on visits, instead, I found out how bored we all are at work.
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    I'll tell you something that bothers me while I am bored at work, the notion that top recruits should somehow be attracted only to the nicest cities and campuses across the country. We all ask, "Why would this guy want to go to College Station, Manhattan, here, there, etc." You know, a lot of these guys have ties to these schools (Winston, Harris) and not every single university out there has the allure of Austin. Regardless of their results this year, KSU has had a ton of success in the 90's. How in the hell does Mike Krzyzewski get people to play at Duke in Durham, NC, which might as well be the College Station of the East Coast? The reason is because they have an outstanding coach who has created a mania for college ball at a relatively small school. The next thing is that many of these guys don't have that much of a choice about where they can play their college ball, not all of these kids are looking to play on Sunday and if a Baylor or TCU can offer them a decent college atmosphere and ample playing time, then why the hell not. Texas can only give 20+ ships a year and we can't get all of them.
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    Muggy, you throw in a university like SDSU. I bet a lot of people wouldn't mind going to school in sunny San Diego. How about a school in NYC? Even though there are no schools where a kid could play there, you'd think a Colombia or NYU would be able to get whoever they wanted? I wouldnt mind being a bad *** high school athlete and going to Tulane. I guess they all have their reasons. I just wondered what a typical recruiting visit was like.
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    sig test

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