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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by X Misn Tx, Jan 2, 2017.

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    Is it strange that there are writers putting out these types of articles about a brand new coach? It seems strange. I don't recall writers looking for and writing about such negative material from high school kids, with such detail.

    Recruits’ impressions of Tom Herman range from ‘swaggy’ to ‘trash’
    While some referred to the Texas coach as “fun” and “swaggy,” others preferred terms such as “traitor” and “trash.”

    What happened with elite recruits and Texas?
    SAN ANTONIO — A handful of U.S. Army All-Americans gave Horns247 an inside look at what went wrong with Texas in their recruitment
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    I hate to hear the negative chatter about Herman. This does not help.
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    I remember that was a whole lot of negative press about Texas HS coaches disliking Charlie Strong when he first came to UT. I guess all's fair in love, war and recruiting.
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    High School coaches won't forgive him not being Mack.
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    Winning will take care of that nonsense.
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    As if Saban, Harbough and others don't ruffle feathers in recruiting.
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    They should have asked all of those who said Herman was a liar how they felt about Saban's over recruiting.
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    It's strange to me that the writers took this tack. Obviously I don't like this about the Horns... But, I don't think I like that the writers are doing this with high school kids. It seems inappropriate.
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    This is true, and Charlie did well recruiting. TH and his staff do have a rep for being good recruiters. Thanks for reminding me about the chatter dissing CS. It was not a factor for Charlie and there is every reason to have faith in TH.
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    I think the readers of these websites are adults with way more than average interest in recruiting. No doubt prospects are subjected to a lot of negative recruiting. I hardly think it shocking there were some negative words out there. I'm betting you could hear mean words about everybody coaching Division 1 football ... else their competitors aren't trying hard.
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    Charlie did do well in recruiting, but how would he have done this year? I would have to guess there would be a drop off. He would have been on a red hot seat from season start. Many would have had second thoughts about playing for losing coach, even if they thought his job was secure. It looks like two diverging roads to me, and I prefer the one we are on.
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    My guess is that Herman comes across as very confident, perhaps even cocky. That can be a turnoff or intimidating, particularly for high school seniors that have been placed on a pedestal for years and are used to being the center of attention themselves. The contrast to Strong from an initial impression standpoint could be stark. If indeed there is a perception issue, it will be short-lived if Herman accomplishes what I expect for him to accomplish, and to do so quickly.
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    If Floridians own couches, Charlie will do just fine.
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    They have hammocks.
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    Now that we have a good head coach and staff, we will find out if Strong did well in recruiting. I am not sold, too many 3 stars recruits and not enough 4 & 5 stars. You wont get to the final 4 playoff with a team full of three stars, regardless of the head coach.
    I think the new head coach and staff will win with the talent left and will continue to win and go to bowl games in the next three years as he gets his recruits. Herman does seem to be a result type coach. Win now with what you have while you build the team you want.
    10 wins and a bowl game in 2017.
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    Just remember that two of the Longhorns who made all conference, Hagar and Foreman, were the lowest or next to lowest rated recruits coming to UT by Rivals and Scout the year they were recruited. If Herman and team know more than Joe Fan (I don't know why he was specifically singled out for Social Media presence at Herman's press conference) they sure has hell know more than Chip Brown and Jeremy Crabtree about college prospects' ability.
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    Seriously? This thread is giving off a fake news vibe. "Not all had good things to say... some used words like...". And how many people did he talk to in order to get that opinion? How many expressed it? Was it because of some of the "lies" listed such as "the coach said they wanted this type of lineman but they recruited guys that were other kinds?" If he talked to every player at the event and four of them had negative things to say, is that an issue?

    I have no idea how recruits see Tom Herman after reading that piece, and neither does anyone else.
  19. X Misn Tx

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    see, this is my issue. it feels tabloid-ish but from the mouths of high school kids. seems like that wouldn't fly for "journalists" to do this with kids.
  20. Bill in Sinton

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    I agree. We need to start winning and getting our share of players making the NFL draft. Then recruiting will take care of itself.
  21. blonthang

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    Eric Dickerson signed with SMU in 1979 and played through 1982 there.

    He was quoted on ESPN's 30 for 30's "Pony Excess" something like: "I hate Texas. The guy recruiting me at UT told me if I went out of state to play I'd never get a job in the state of Texas. I hated Texas." or something like that.

    I'm sure Dickerson, a shining example of the highest level of recruiting ethics --- the program also talked about and showed his brand new (whist a high school senior) gold Pontiac Trans Am (Sealy's colors are gold and black) that supposedly was effected through a eAtMe fat cat, since it was assumed Dickerson was headed to Collie Station --- was very vocal during that period to SMU and other school recruits against Texas. Oh, by the way, he signed at the last second with SMU and Ron Meyer (HC) grinned about it: "Yeah, you know it's just crazy what happens sometimes." When commenting on the Trans Am, he said, chuckling: "We called it the Trans A and M."

    Anyway, his probable backchannel comments to prospective Texas recruits didn't keep Texas from setting a 3-year NFL draft record, referred to in:


    from the article above:

    "Along with 11 picks in 2013 and seven in 2014, FSU now holds the record previously held by Miami (2002-2004) and USC (2008-2010) with 28 picks — giving coach Jimbo Fisher and his staff one of the most historic runs in draft and school history.

    FSU's run is considered the new "modern-day" record, since the draft changed to the current seven-round format in 1994. Texas had 31 picks from 1982-84, but had 10 players drafted after seventh round."

    These players at Texas would have all been contemporaries of Eric Dickerson who held a grudge against Texas and let it be known.

    Didn't seem to hurt us too badly.
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    Dickerson is the most contemptible piece of **** I have ever met. He hated Texas because Akers would not buy him a car or give his mother $5,000 up front plus something like $600 a month. He bad mouthed us, but held SMU in total contempt. He openly admitted that he hated SMU, was miserable every day that he was there, frequently staying away from campus as often as possible.

    He did, however, provide great benefits to both Texas & OU, although he is too stupid to know it. He was the poster boy for at least three RBs (Edwin Simmons) on why not to go to SMU. SMU was the ONLY undefeated team in D-1, yet didn't get considered for the MNC and played Pitt (Marino) in The Cotton Bowl to a crowd that would have fit in most 6A stadiums. A total embarrassment. At a "real school", Dickerson would have won the Hype$man, but did not because he was at SMU. Those were great recruiting tools for us.

    As for the TransAm, it was not an Aggie "fat cat", but rather a group, who made payments faithfully on that car. Ron Meyer strolled into Brazos County with evidence of the purchase and told Aggies that they really didn't want to interfere with Dickerson's choice to go to Highland Park. The Aggies did eventually exact revenge, but allowed SMU to point the finger at Travis County. Meyer skated free, Collins got drummed out of collegiate athletics, and Bower went on to a successful career at Southern Miss.

    Dickerson & James roll through life miserable with choices and trying to blame everyone but the guy they look at in the mirror. They are truly sad excuses for human beings, but deserve what they got.

    Interestingly enough, SMU could not get Craig James mother a job which he thought was suitable to someone with the stature of "Craig James' mother", so he called me asking for help.

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