Where did you live while attending UT?

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  1. iLoVeLoNgHoRnS

    iLoVeLoNgHoRnS 100+ Posts

    Just curious...

    I am also wondering if there was ever a time when Jester didn't stink...
  2. No ACL

    No ACL 250+ Posts

    two years in Simkins, one year by the IM fields, two years off Far West on Hart Lane
  3. TheRoot21

    TheRoot21 100+ Posts

    I lived on 28th and Rio Grande at the ****** Sandpiper apartments for one year, then lived at College Park on Riverside the rest.

    TXSNOS 1,000+ Posts

    Moore-Hill Dorm
    Kingsgate Apts (wild parties) - Riverside
    Lakeshore Apts (low rent) - Riverside
    House on Annie St (no AC) - just west of Stacy Park
    Duplex on Clawson Rd (learned to enjoy dogs)- S. Austin
    Effeciency apt on Annie St (finished law school - yea) - approx 1 block west of Congress
  5. RomaVicta

    RomaVicta 5,000+ Posts

    Goody Woo
  6. softlynow

    softlynow 1,000+ Posts

    Jester West for a year.
    Then in the ****** place on Hart Lane that sits above the Wendy's on Far West. I lived in the section that had a fire in it the year before, and our floor was slanted a bit.
    The final 2+ yeas in Monterrey Ranch off 71 near Mopac.
  7. HornHawk

    HornHawk 250+ Posts

    Jester West - 12th floor one year
    North Lamar near the DPS office
  8. Endust

    Endust 500+ Posts

    year 1 - pleasant valley route
    year 2 - Nelray
    year 2 - red river & dean keeton (before it was dean keeton)
    year 4- north loop
    year 5 - east of cameron
  9. kicksumass

    kicksumass 100+ Posts

    Year 1 and 2: jester west 11th floor
    Year 3: dean keeton and red river
    Year 4: dean keaton across the law school
  10. Dionysus

    Dionysus Cocky + Relaxed Admin

    Travis Heights -- shared a rented house on Alta Vista with a couple guys for two years. Loved that neighborhood.

    Laurel House Co-op -- lived in this small co-op on Nueces near MLK last two years.
  11. THEU

    THEU 2,500+ Posts

    University Towers the first year,
    the 2nd and 3rd years, in a quadraplex on Speedway between 42nd and 43rd.
  12. King of 40 Acres

    King of 40 Acres 25+ Posts

    Was quite the nomad... lived in 5 different places in 4 years. Never lived on the first floor either so moving was always a pain in the pecker.

    Freshman year (03-04)- Jester East 2nd floor had a suite where my roommate and I shared a bathroom with 2 other people. Brought a keg up the back stairs one weekend and had a crazy *** party.

    Summer '04 - sublet an upstairs apartment at Orangetree with 2 other guys

    Sophomore year ('04-05) - rented an apartment with one other roommate pretty close to where MLK meets Rio Grande walked to campus everyday on W 21st Street. Zermatt apartments I think it was 3rd floor

    Junior year '05-06 - rented a house with 2 other off Red River on 40th Street close to the Hancock Center and directly across from the golf course. Was an older house had a nice garage and huge backyard perfect for parties. One night we demolished 5 kegs no lie.

    Senior year '06-'07 decided to move close to campus and live by myself- rented an apartment on the third floor of this complex called Oakview on san jacinto in north campus right between Crown & Anchor and Posse East.
  13. FondrenRoad

    FondrenRoad 1,000+ Posts

    2 in Jester West.
    2 in Jefferson Commons on Riverside. I think it has a different name now.

    I guess that was while I was attending UT. I had a few semesters where the only time I went to class was for exams. I miss college.
  14. bevo barry

    bevo barry 500+ Posts

    I helped to pop Jester's cherry in 1969, and lived there for my soph year too, '70 - '71. Then I was an RA at Roberts for one year, then an RA at Simkins (sp?) for my "first" senior year. Finally moved off-campus to Mi Amigo apartments for my second senior year.

    Though Jester sucked, I enjoyed living on campus.
  15. Hou-Tex Horn

    Hou-Tex Horn 100+ Posts

    1st- Rio Nueces Apts...26th & Rio Grande...I think it's demolished now
    2nd - San Gabriel Square Apts...26th & San Gabriel...3rd flr, but really the 4th b/c parking was underneath, never did that again
    3rd/4th - House on 23rd & San Gabriel behind the laundrymat on 24th...awesome house with a great porch, although I think this has been demolished by now as well.

    Good times man...good times!
  16. DoobieWah

    DoobieWah 500+ Posts

    78-79 Jester West, (The Penthouse)
    79-80 Riverside, (Apartment City)
    80-81 Apartment Just above The Back Room
    81-82 Garage Apartment on Speedway
    89 Apartment in Jollyville

    While Jester itself sucked, that was my favorite year.

  17. Longhorny630

    Longhorny630 1,000+ Posts

    05-06 san jac south 3rd floor overlooking clark field
    06-07 34th and speedway at the hellhole that is melroy apts
    07-08 45th and RR at tanglewood (free ac, great place)
    08-09 Med Arts and DK right by coop east
  18. BurntOrangeOnly

    BurntOrangeOnly 500+ Posts

    Late '70's-early '80's. Jester.

    Quite an interesting adventure. Jester never sucked but the cafeteria did. EVERY MEAL.

    I've always been burnt orange, but the first time I saw "eat the hell out of rice" and "eATMe" painted in a Jester window I just rolled on the floor laughing.

    I'd go back in a heartbeat. To those of you in school now, I promise these are the best of times. You have phenomenal athletics to cheer for and wonderful academics to learn from.

    Enjoy your time at The University. It's a special privilege.
  19. KingBobo81

    KingBobo81 250+ Posts

    99-00 Jester West
    00-01 Melrose on Riverside
    01-03 frat house on 22 1/2 between San Gabriel and Pearl
  20. UTViking

    UTViking 250+ Posts

    Year 1 - Jester East. I remember the first time I walked into Jester for orientation and thought I had made a big mistake coming to UT because the smell was so bad.

    Year 2 - Delta Chi house. It's since been demolished and they've moved not too far away.

    Year 3 & 4 - Camino Real between 27th & 28th on Salado.

    Year 5 - Rio Nueces. It is demolished, which was a big shock to me when I came back to Austin after being away for a few years.
  21. madscientist

    madscientist 1,000+ Posts

    freshman - camino real 28th and salado
    soph- la moritz apts (i think) on 38th just east of guadalupe
    last 2 - le marque apts on 25th just west of rio grande, but before SAE house

  22. 83Horn

    83Horn 100+ Posts

    Freshman through Junior years (Aug '79 - May '82) - Moore-Hill
    Senior year ('82-'83) - Antilles Apts., just west of Mopac on Enfield Rd.
    During summer semesters during Freshman and Sophmore years, I stayed in Kinsolving, which is normally a woman's dorm, but became co-ed during the summer. There was some truly splendiferous sunbathing talent on display on the rooftop courtyard between the men's and women's wings. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  23. Crusher X

    Crusher X 250+ Posts

    Prather Dorm (1st and 2nd years at UT – 91-93))
    Grand Canyon apts off the CR route in the ghetto (summer 93-spring 94)
    Candlewick apts off Royal Crest/riverside (summer 94-spring 95). Our apartment was less than 100 yards behind the Back Room
    The Casbah in west campus (summer of 95). A wild fun summer. I wasn’t in school, just working for the city of Austin. A great summer.
    Willow Creek apartments off Willow Creek and Riverside (fall 95-spring 96)
    A house in Travis Heights on corner of Brackenridge/Annie. (Spring 96- December 96). It was a great house that we rented from an old lady. I look back now and wish I had bought that house somehow. A terrific location and lot. It’s been completely renovated now.
  24. huisache

    huisache 2,500+ Posts

    I lived in six different places in five years but for two years I lived with seven other guys and one woman from the rural county I grew up in. The apartment, at 22nd and San Gabriel, was half of the downstairs of an old house and we paid $75 a month for it. That is all together, not each. She did not have to pay.

    I moved out in 1972 and am shocked to see it is still standing. I suspect the rent has gone up.
  25. Alpine

    Alpine 100+ Posts

    Early 1980s, Manor Road, a mile east of the airport main entrance. Good times. The apartments are still there, but no one speaks english.
  26. White Castle

    White Castle 100+ Posts

    Castilian (part of the reason for my user name)
    Wedgewood (apts right behind Taco Bell at 28th/Nueces)
    Riverchase Apts (down off Riverside)
    Monterey Ranch Apts (further south)
  27. sportswriter

    sportswriter 100+ Posts

    I actually lived in Jester for three years, and it was awesome. I know the cool kids usually move out of the dorm after a year, but we had it all set up. Lived on 2nd floor of Jester East. After freshman year, got all the new friends i'd made to all request the rooms on our hallway. So, for sophomore and junior year, we had four rooms all next to each other with 8 guys that were great friends. We just left our doors open all the time and walked in and out all day. The other people living in the hall, who didn't know us wasn't thrilled about that arrangement which was usually pretty loud, but it was awesome for us. Still good friends with 5 of those other 7 guys to this day.

    Last year and a half we moved to apartments on Riverside, but I still thought living on campus was better.

    When my kid goes to college, I will make him live in a dorm for at least a year.
  28. Summerof79

    Summerof79 2,500+ Posts

    -26th floor west facing corner suite in Dobie Towers, loved watching the fronts come in and the fantastic sunsets.

    - La Canda shared 1 bedroom across from Tennis Courts on 24th

    - Efficiency off 41st and Guadalupe so I could **** in peace

    - older 32/2 apartments on South Congress that backed up to Austin Oprea House, where those nice new ones are today

    - Duplex 2/2 on Parker lane

    - Condo 2/1 off Riverside right behind the American Building facing I-35 that I ended up buying
  29. SullHorn

    SullHorn 100+ Posts

    Freshman/Soph Years -- Moore-Hill; and in the "Hill" part, which now looks out over the pool.
    Jr/1st Senior Year -- Duval Villas at 43rd and Duval. Apt manager is a scam artist.
    2nd Senior Year -- House on corner of 31st and Speedway, right next to the old dry cleaners (which is now a video arcade or something?)
  30. Texanne

    Texanne 5,000+ Posts

    Freshman year 1975-76 -- Jester West, 5th floor loft room that had been my sister's. She and her roommate left their ladder for our use.

    Sophomore year 1976-77 -- The Consul, 1201 Tinnin Ford, just off Riverside. I lived in a 2-bedroom apartment with my sister and another girl; I had the room to myself. Sister's fiance' lived in an apartment downstairs. The complex itself was a dump, but we had a lot of parties, so it was all good.

    Junior year 1977-78 / Senior year 1978-79 -- For the first two months of my junior year, I lived alone in a really cute little apartment on the IM route, the Skansen Apartments. A small Skandinavian-style apartment that I just loved. Daddy didn't like the price tag, however, so he moved an old mobile home down to the Woodvue Mobile Home Park on Oltorf for me to live in. I stayed there until I graduated, right in the middle of the South Austin barrio, and never felt safer in my life. Woodvue was right next to the railroad tracks and very close to the intersection of Oltorf and South Lamar. My best buddy lived two trailers down from me. I loved it there. Cheap, too.

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