Where is Eric Braverman?

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    Day 174 (Part 1) McCabe Storing Hillary's Blackberries and Laptops At Hawkshead Lorton Home?

    Day 174 (Part 2) Limo Services Sure Like the Retail Pain Clinics Business.

    Day 174 (Part 3) Enter Pakistan American Association - Located at the CIA Car Dealership

    Day 174 (Part 4) Corrections on West Islip, Doubling Down on Pak ISI MS-13 Connection

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    Day 175 (Part 1) Feta Gulen's Soft Jihad, Drugs for Aphasia, PTSD, Pain, and Addiction

    Day 175 (Part 2) Enter the Horror Hotel, Blair Witch, and Annual Initiation Games

    Day 175 (Part 3) Feta Gulen's Golden Generation Rescue Retreat and His Extradition Paperwork

    Day 175 (Part 6) Summary of Baltimore Interview, Preview of Tomorrow.

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    Day 176 (Part 1) Enter Nasir Khattak, USAID Solyndra 2?

    Day 176 (Part 2) Enter Archangel IT, AAITI.com, ISI Connections?

    Day 176 (Part 3) Enter the Port of Baltimore and the 20 Kilos Bags of Basmati Rice

    Day 176 (Part 5) Abid Awan Bankruptcy Documents Summary

    Day 176 (Part 6) Enter Rao Abbas, Mystery Man of Congressional Staff Fame

    Day 176 (Part 7) A Dozen Homes, 28 Companies, and Registered Agent That Hires For Murder

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    Day 177 (Part 1) What I Found and Didn't Find

    Day 177 (Part 4) Enter Johns Hopkins, Temple, and Georgetown

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    Day 178 (Part 1) McCabe Gives Free Pass to 23rd Street Egyptian Bombers?

    Day 178 (Part 2) Did Braverman Eat at Malibu Cafe on 23rd Street on Night of 23rd Street Bombing?

    Day 178 (Part 3) Many Restaurants Near 23rd Street Explosion, I Jump To Malibu Conclusion.

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    Day 179 (Part 1) Did Egyptian "Security" Guys Explode Bomb As a Last Warning to Braverman

    Day 179 (Part 2) Braverman at 245 East 21st Street? Pakistani ISI - MS-13 Connection

    Day 179 (Part 3) Two Egyptian Pilots Rolled Louis Vuitton Bag Out of Hotel at 9:30, Explosion at 11pm. September 17th, 2016

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    Day 180 (Part 1) If Burger King Can Build a National Franchise With $3 Burgers, What Could You Do With $20,000 "Burgers"?

    Day 180 (Part 2) Feta Gulen FETO Terrorist organization Still Tax Exempt in Pennsylvania

    Day 180 (Part 3) George Gets To Quote a State Dept Official, Sy Hersh Would Be Proud

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    Day 181 (Part 1) Suffolk County Sheriff, Do You Know Where Shannan Gilbert's 21 Minute 911 Call Is?

    Day 181 (Part 2) Why No Video of Kuznik Car Dealer Murderer's Entry On To Car Lot? Why Let BMW Guy Go?

    Day 181 (Part 3) Visiting the Murder Scene of Mike and Trina Kuznik's Car Dealership

    Day 181 (Part 4) We're Mike and Trina Kuznik a Victim of Stevens?

    Day 181 (Part 5) Did Steve Stephens Kill 13 or Not, Following His Footsteps

    Day 181 (Part 6) Dawood Ibrahim's Icy Hand on Euclid Ohio, an ISI Nightmare?

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    Day 182 (Part 1) McCabe Looking the Other Way While Ibrahim Launders Cash Through Cleveland Clinic

    Day 182 (Part 2) Return to the Murder Scene

    Day 182 (Part 3) Tom Glocer Shovels Money To Dubai Like It Is Going To Go Bad, The Dubai Pakistani Connection

    Day 182 (Part 4) Is This Just Detail Work Now To Nuremberg Trials?

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    Day 183 (Part 1) Summary of Research, Dubai Laundering Through US Hospitals, Christmas Tree of Spinoffs

    Day 183 (Part 2) POL - Obama University of Chicago, Homan Square

    Day 183 (Part 3) Andrew McCabe Lectures Today at #CSOSummit2017 on the Law and the Facts

    Day 183 (Part 4) I Can't Cover All the Awan Payouts, But Interesting That McCabe Can Order Up Deep Dives and Disruption With No Paperwork

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    Day 184 (Part 1) Who Does Imran Awan Think He is? No, I Mean Really Think He Is?

    Day 184 (Part 2) Open Autopsy Journalism Vs Wet Cardboard Journalism

    Day 184 (Part 4) Fruit of the Poisonous Tree, Brennan, Clapper, NGA, Geo-Location For Surveillance and Harassment.

    Day 184 (Part 5) Schematic of NYC to DC Ratline With Awans.

    Day 184 (Part 6) Good Triumphs Over Evil If We Are Smart About It

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    Day 185 (Part 1) Alles in at Secret Service, What Will Happen To Prowler Teams?

    Day 185 (Part 2) Sammy ToQueer's 17 Tickets Will Describe A Ratline

    Day 185 (Part 3) Abu Dhabi Banking Anyone? Tricare Connection 5111 Leesburg Pike, Springfield VA

    Day 185 (Part 4) Sammy ToQueer's Three Addresses On Lakeshore Drive in Euclid. I Thought He Lived With Imran in Springfield, VA?

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    Day 186 (Part 1) Blackberry Messages Going to India, Is Sammy Really Rammy?

    Day 186 (Part 2) Charles Ortel, Jerome Corsi, Gary Webb, and Rolling Stone

    Day 186 (Part 3) Triple Murder in Fort Wayne, Yet Another Kill Team Murder

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    Day 187 (Part 1) Does Pakistani Extremist Group Jamaat al-Fuqra Have 23 Training Centers in US?

    Day 187 (Part 2) Why I Published Awans SSNs and DOBs

    Day 187 (Part 3) HELLO Islamic Society of North America

    Day 187 (Part 6) No Autopsies, No Forensic Evidence Released, No Tire Racks, No Footprints of Half Mile Chase, No Description of Weapon, No Description of Murder Wounds or Method, Press

    Day 187 (Part 8) No Rape Kits? No Satellite Image of Parking Lot? Fenced Off Murder Scene, Publish Cell Phone Pings-? Finders Signatures?

    Day 187 (Part 9) Libby Lost Her Fingers in the Gartoting and Struggle, Abby Died the Next Day After a Night of Rape.

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    Day 193 Summarizing Seven Bibles of Information, Comey Confirms Half Our Case in Testimony

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    Day 194 Anthony Weiner's Crack berry Obsession, Muzaffar Bhutto Torture By ISI, and Hey Scrunchie!

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    Day 195 What is Mena? What is a DynCorp Sheriff? Why Springfields?

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    Day 196 (Part 1) Modus Operandi, Operations Duck Soup, Cyclone, Gladio B, Turkish Coup, Feta Gulen and FETO

    Day 196 (Part 4) Salvation Army Safe Houses To Awan Brothers Houses, Mena Airport and Barry Seale to Smooth Jazz

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    Day 197 (Part 1) One Question By Grassley Breaks This Story Wide Open

    Day 197 (Part 3) Dr Field Murder, Bamp from Guinea Has Keys 2/11 story Penthouse apartment

    Day 197 (Part 4) Pentagon's Dark Budget at $7.7 Trillion, Occam's Razor

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    Day 198 (Part 1) Pain Clinics, Dialysis Center, Kidney Center, Diabetes Center, Pancreas Transplants - All Together at UPMC Shadyside Near Dr. Nicassio Murder

    Day 198 (Part 2) Dyncorp Doctor Murders? Make Way For DynCorp Pain Clinics, Transplant Centers?

    Day 198 (Part 3) Hillary's Push For the Patriot Act in 1995, OKC, and Presidential Decision Directive 62 CIA "Disruption"

    Day 198 (Part 7) NGA Metadata Got James Comey, But Covering Up For McCabe Was the Real Reason

    Day 198 (Part 8) NGA + NSA Intercepts Enough To Convict Everyone, Blackberries and Laptops Are Only Needed For Court

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    Day 199 (Part 1) Drilling Down on the BlackBerry Compartmentalized Network, LCC Towers, Great for Ratlines

    Day 199 (Part 2) Technical Strategy For Outing Ratlines, Not For Casual Viewers

    Day 199 (Part 4) Sessions Looking To Replace McCabe Immediately, Gowdy Leads Early Handicapping For Comey Replacement.

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    Day 200 (Part 1) Questions For New FBI Director Andrew McCabe For His Testimony Before Senate Intelligence Committee Today

    Day 200 (Part 2 ) Anthony Weiner's "Trusted Staff" and "Secure" Phones

    Day 200 (Part 3) Were Blackberries and Laptops With us Govt Markings Found in the Lorton, VA Home of Imran Awan? 9667 Hawkshead Drive To Be Specific

    Day 200 (Part 6) Javed's Animal Pharma, Anahuac, TX, and Port Arthur, TX to Beaumont, TX

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    Day 201 (Part 1) My Response to Wayne Madsen, Background for Senator Grassley, Tim Black Show

    Day 201 (Part 2) Jill McCabe's Brilliant Entrance to VA Politics Two Days After Hillary Email and Server NYT Story

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    Day 202 (Part 1) Hillary's BlackBerry Blues With Petraeus, Cheryl Mills Loses Her BlackBerry After USAID Approvals For Haiti, Kerry Has Secret USAID Meetings With Hillary On August 2nd, 2010 For

    Day 202 (Part 2) Are the Awan Brothers Just a Continuation of a Damn Good Business Started in 1979?

    Day 202 (Part 5) Blackberry Searches So Good Today Had To Read a Few More Entities Into the Search Machine and Metadata

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    Day 203 (Part 1) Hillary's Twelve Minutes on the Tarmac in DC.on August 2nd, 2010, USAID Phone For Wall Street To Cash In on Recovery Spending?

    Day 203 (Part 2) Homan Square SAIC, Virginia Mosque Money Launder SAIC, Garcia FISA Plant, Forget Obama, It's Podesta and Hillary

    Day 203 (Part 4) Hillary's USAID Weeks, Suriaya Begum Flood Map Expertise, and Pakistani Flood Maps

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    Day 204 (Part 1) Summary For HA Goodman Viewers, USAID National Road 25, USAID Khyber Pass Road

    Day 204 (Part 2) Can You Find Awans or Alvi in congressional Directories in Last 14 Years?

    Day 204 (Part 3) Did Hillary Multiply Herself Through blackberries and Folders and Store It All On Weiner's Laptop?

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    Day 205 (Part 1) Show Me the Metadata. Seth' Phone, Bodycams, Bar Cams, Hospital Cams, Aaron Rich Lawsuit, Powers of Discovery, Hospital Admit Report, Doctors Report, Autopsy

    Day 205 (Part 2) Set Rich Sent 44,000 Emails to MacFayden, But I Still Say Jones and Ratner Are the Key to Rich and Braverman

    Day 205 (Part 5) Eric Barnhart, Evan McMullin, McCabe, NSA, and Booz Allen

    Day 205 (Part 10) Pic of Seth at Lou's City Bar, Pic of Mgr. Joe Capone, Badges and Names Of Officers, Name of Ambulance Service, Is Capt Anthony Haythe ex-DynCorp

    Day 205 (Part 12) Police Badge Numbers? Bodycams? Dash cams? @dcpolicedept

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    Day 206 (Part 1) Are These the Right Badge Numbers to View Bodycams at DC Police?

    Day 206 (Part 2) Drone Assange, Podesta Wants To Make An Example of Someone, Ratner Dead in May, Seth Rich Murdered in July, Jones Pushed in Front of a Train in August, and MacFayden Dies in

    Day 206 (Part 3) Do we know what hospital Seth Rich was Taken 2 yet? Have the DC police scheduled a press conference with the five officers yet who are at the scene of the shooting for Seth rich? Is the

    Day 206 (Part 4) Tim Day of WikiLeaks has contacted me. Thank you very much Tim. I asked him to tweet out the hospital that Seth Rich died in. There is an incredible amount of metadata and Camera

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    Day 207 (Part 1) Collection of Evidence, Kelsey Mulka, Bodycams, Seth Rich's Last Walk, Howard Trauma 1 Interviews

    Day 207 (Part 3) Anthony Weiner's home on 25th and Park comma Hillary for America's office in Brooklyn and mww in Midtown

    Day 207 (Part 4) Fourth Year Resident From WHC Posts OR Report

    Day 207 (Part 5) Why No Code Called For Seth Rich? Aaron Rich Interview Today?

    Day 207 (Part 6) MWW PR - Not Mossad Worldwide, But We affectionately call it that

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    Guilty plea
    To one count
    Will he stay out of jail?


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