Where is Eric Braverman?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Musburger1, Dec 15, 2016.

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    Day 174 (Part 1) McCabe Storing Hillary's Blackberries and Laptops At Hawkshead Lorton Home?

    Day 174 (Part 2) Limo Services Sure Like the Retail Pain Clinics Business.

    Day 174 (Part 3) Enter Pakistan American Association - Located at the CIA Car Dealership

    Day 174 (Part 4) Corrections on West Islip, Doubling Down on Pak ISI MS-13 Connection

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    Musburger1 1,000+ Posts

    Day 175 (Part 1) Feta Gulen's Soft Jihad, Drugs for Aphasia, PTSD, Pain, and Addiction

    Day 175 (Part 2) Enter the Horror Hotel, Blair Witch, and Annual Initiation Games

    Day 175 (Part 3) Feta Gulen's Golden Generation Rescue Retreat and His Extradition Paperwork

    Day 175 (Part 6) Summary of Baltimore Interview, Preview of Tomorrow.

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    Day 176 (Part 1) Enter Nasir Khattak, USAID Solyndra 2?

    Day 176 (Part 2) Enter Archangel IT, AAITI.com, ISI Connections?

    Day 176 (Part 3) Enter the Port of Baltimore and the 20 Kilos Bags of Basmati Rice

    Day 176 (Part 5) Abid Awan Bankruptcy Documents Summary

    Day 176 (Part 6) Enter Rao Abbas, Mystery Man of Congressional Staff Fame

    Day 176 (Part 7) A Dozen Homes, 28 Companies, and Registered Agent That Hires For Murder

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    Day 177 (Part 1) What I Found and Didn't Find

    Day 177 (Part 4) Enter Johns Hopkins, Temple, and Georgetown

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    Day 178 (Part 1) McCabe Gives Free Pass to 23rd Street Egyptian Bombers?

    Day 178 (Part 2) Did Braverman Eat at Malibu Cafe on 23rd Street on Night of 23rd Street Bombing?

    Day 178 (Part 3) Many Restaurants Near 23rd Street Explosion, I Jump To Malibu Conclusion.

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    Day 179 (Part 1) Did Egyptian "Security" Guys Explode Bomb As a Last Warning to Braverman

    Day 179 (Part 2) Braverman at 245 East 21st Street? Pakistani ISI - MS-13 Connection

    Day 179 (Part 3) Two Egyptian Pilots Rolled Louis Vuitton Bag Out of Hotel at 9:30, Explosion at 11pm. September 17th, 2016

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    Day 180 (Part 1) If Burger King Can Build a National Franchise With $3 Burgers, What Could You Do With $20,000 "Burgers"?

    Day 180 (Part 2) Feta Gulen FETO Terrorist organization Still Tax Exempt in Pennsylvania

    Day 180 (Part 3) George Gets To Quote a State Dept Official, Sy Hersh Would Be Proud


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