Who can make a good pot of chili?

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    So lets talk Chili, who here can make a good pot of chili and what do you put in it.

    My chili is a little different than most.

    Chopped sirloin
    ground spicy pork sausage or Chorizo Sometimes I will use sausage links.
    Jalapenio peppers
    bell peppers
    healthy portion of chili powder and browned flour for thickening.

    And yes, I also make a Chili with beans, using a combonation of pinto beans, Red beans and black beans.
  2. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Looks yummy! Care to share the actual recipe? I wouldn't mind trying this out.
  3. Chop

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    I do a couple of versions of chili. People generally like this one:

    Cook a pot roast overnight or throughout the day in a crock pot. Season roast with plenty of garlic salt, pepper, brisket rub, regular salt, and Mediterranean seasoning (if you have it). When you're ready to start your chili, put the roast on chopping block and cut/shred the meat (not too long and stringy). Save the roast juice! Also cut some disks of smoked German sausage (or equivalent sausage) and quarter the disks. These are the meats.

    Pour canned cut diced tomatoes (4-6 cans depending on how much you want to make) in big chili pot on stove. Pour in the juice from the roast. Add the following things:

    Diced onions
    A diced medium-strength pepper such as an Anaheim or Fresno pepper
    Diced bell peppers (red, orange and yellow are best for color/presentation)
    Kidney beans or no beans depending on your preference
    Canned Rotel green chilis chopped
    Whole raw jalepenos (there's more to these later...)
    Season heavily with: paprika (very heavy), salt (medium to heavy--this a'int exactly health food..), onion powder, pepper, tabasco (medium or light if you prefer), chili powder (go light on the chili powder for this style of chili), more brisket rub.

    Add the chopped roast and sausage.

    Simmer on low heat for a good hour or more, stirring periodically.

    Fish out the whole jalepenos--they're now cooked, and squeeze them into the pot. Try not to get jalepeno seeds into the pot. Leave the squeezed whole jalepenos floating there for effect or if anyone likes it real hot they can spoon out a whole jalepeno into his/her bowl. What this has done for me before is give it an after-burner type kicker (where you first put the spoon in your mouth and taste the chili you don't think it's hot, but the heat comes in several seconds later). If this all sounds too hot for you, use fewer jalepenos.

    If it's too thin, add powdered Masa. Too thick--add water.

    Right before you serve, squeeze at least several fresh limes into it and stir.
  4. Austin_Bill

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    My recipe is pretty easy, all ingredients are on a one for one basis.

    2 pounds of Sirloin cut up into small cubes
    2 pounds of sausage sliced into small slices if link or cooked like ground meat if not cased.
    2 cups of onions, 2 cups of bell pepper. 2 cups of pealed tomatoes, 2 cups beef broth,

    I will do 1/2 the amount in hot peppers, Jalapeno, Sirano peppers, I generally just use Jalapeno but i don't use the seeds.

    Season to taste Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, Chili Powder. and about 2 to 3 TBSP of flower browned.

    Brown you meat in a pot and add seasonings along with browned flour. Add in vegetables and broth along with water. let simmer on low heat for about 40 - 60 minutes. add water as it needs it. Enjoy.
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    I had the strangest (to me), yet still delicious, chili at the Disneyland California resort. Cubes of beef and equal sized cubes of potatoes in a chili sauce. Odd but surprisingly good. Wasn't too hot--the kids liked it.
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    My wife and I have done some chili cook offs. Won a couple of them. Recommendation--never put anything bizarre (such as chocolate or coconut milk) in your chili. People who did this sort of nonsense never fared well--might as well put a can of Alpo in your chili. Also, if you're the kind of cook who absolutely must put chipotle in your chili--go light. Chipotle overwhelmed many an otherwise-good pot of chili.
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