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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by George Bailey, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. SabreHorn

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    Stoops inherited talent but there wasn't a single WR on that first team. As I sat in the Cotton Bowl watching Mike Leach pick apart our defense with great play calls only to have converted RBs dropping passes or running the wrong routes, I told people in the stadium and at Fair Park that when Stoops got a couple of WRs, Leach would kick our ***. Instead, Leach moved o Lubbock, and Mangino moved to Norman. Look at that score.
  2. zuckercanyon

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    Well that's the Mack Brown we all love
  3. BevoJoe

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    If a HC change is made, I hope there won’t be any more coaches considered from lower division level programs or from mediocre p5 programs. Look for the best and “pay da man!”
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  4. Chop

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    Is Mangino available for an OC job?

    (not joking)
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  5. BevoJoe

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    Not sure about Mangino. He’d cost us $1.5MM in salary and another $2MM in groceries, not to mention the costs for heavy equipment needed to transport him from the sidelines to the locker room several times per game.
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  6. horninchicago

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    (not joking)
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  7. MajesticII

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    Honestly its break the bank to these coaches:
    Urban - He'd come
    Dabo - Maybe
    Riley - probably wouldn't come
    Day - ????
    Really really really want to win :
    Jimmie Johnson - he'd bring in some thugs, but we'd WIN ...BMD would have to supply hair spray.....
    Briles - Media backlash, but he'd WIN...and would be cheap to get.
  8. BevoJoe

    BevoJoe 5,000+ Posts

    Money talks! Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Put in bonuses for Conference Championship, Bowl wins, making wining playoff games and a huge kicker for NC wins.
  9. SabreHorn

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    Can't see our BMD letting Urban Myth visit campus, much less draw a paycheck.

    Dabo - Nowhere but Tuscaloosa

    Riley - That all depends on Dr Boren's replacement. If he doesn't fall in line, that's a possibility

    Day - Nobody on one year's track record, particularly when that one year is the result of some of the most chicken **** recruiting in NCAA hostory

    Jimmy - been down that road before; a quote "he has excessive baggage", to which I replied, "he has excessive wins".

    Briles - do you realize how many people writing checks to The University have to die first? Then there's the issue with the protests at every game, mother's refusing to let their boys play for him, and all the extra security at $50/hour.

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  10. BevoJoe

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    Urban - leaning no, besides when things get tough, he develops a head illness

    Dabo - good, but will be expensive

    Riley - perhaps. Not completely sold on him.

    Day - no, inexperienced

    JJ - I believe the game has long past him by

    Briles - oh hell to the f_ _k NO!! Might as well hire the devil himself.
  11. Chop

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    He could negotiate dining room privileges as part of his salary package. Arkansas should consider him if we won’t. He’d might make a good cultural fit there. (Sort of joking, sort of serious)

    Seriously, I’d give him a look—any team in search of an OC in this region of the country should. So what if he’s fat and mean. He’s an excellent offensive mind, and he’d likely jump at the opportunity. (With a 2” vertical)
  12. BevoJoe

    BevoJoe 5,000+ Posts

    Wow! A 2 inch vertical....That high!
  13. SabreHorn

    SabreHorn 5,000+ Posts

    Please send me a PM if Mangino is going to Fayetteville. I want to buy Tyson stock and chicken futures.
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  14. SabreHorn

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    I think Chop had a typo; should have been 1/2 inch, which may still be high
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  15. BevoJoe

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    That’s probably an accurate prediction. Plus, I believe BU is going to try to put as many points on the board as possible to get their rankings back up.
  16. ViperHorn

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    Joe, running up the score on this Texas team will not get you anywhere.
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  17. Austin_Bill

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    I gotta be honest, I didn't watch a minute of the game, because I have better things to do than this sh1t show. Herman has peaked and this isn't going to get better. I won't watch Baylor or Tech or the bowl game.

    Tom will be back, and he will be a dead man walking next year. He doesn't deserve a 4 year, but he will get it. We are going to be another 17 year drought just like we were at the end of the Akers era which ended when we hired Mack.

    Get Ready for it.
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  18. 4th_floor

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    What's a L'aggy? A Longhorn with an aggy mentality.
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  19. RainH2burntO

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    I wouldn't like losing Jake ..but to lose Whitt would be a great loss. He looks like just what we've been missing.
  20. zuckercanyon

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    AB, I’ll remember you said that.... thinking the crow you eat in the next couple of years could use some bbq sauce to give it some flavor....
  21. MajesticII

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    If he recovers...This hernia thing dragging out is very concerning.
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  22. MajesticII

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    If Herman knew how to fix things he would have fixed the offense right after OU ***** slapped Sam and company. He not only didn't fix it, but it got worse.
    If Aggy gets back on their feet before we correct our situation we may never recover. CDC has to act very soon. May need to do what FSU did at mid-season next year if we appear to be stagnant. Especially if we go after a coach who could be hired right away ( Meyer, if USC doesn't get him this year ). If Meyer doesn't take a job this year, then he obviously is waiting for Texas to open up. Stoops probably waiting for ND job, but I'd offer him too, as well as throwing a net at Dabo. You never know.
  23. uisge beatha

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    if we ever hire the likes of a Meyer, JJ, or Briles I will forever stop following Texas football. I refuse to sell my soul for wins.
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  24. dukesteer

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    Necessity is the motherhood of invention. Herman may have finally had an epiphany as a result of the ISU debacle, and the brutal aftermath. If so, we might see a different Texas team Saturday.

    I’m not saying that he knows how to fix the issues. What I am saying is that I believe desperation has finally set in. That could be either good or bad.
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  25. nashhorn

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    You might be right duke but I would think any epiphany would have occurred after the Kansas near miss.
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  26. EDT

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    Tom's buyout is too high and he had a great 2018. So he will be given one or two more years. I see Todd Orlando and maybe Tim Beck and the special teams coach being replaced. That's my two cents and it may not be worth that.
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  27. ShAArk92

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    you do realize only seniors are left of Charlie STrong's recruits? Including Duvernay, by the way. Roach.

    ... the players from Charlie Strong weren't the problem. I'm so sick of hearing how bad Strong was. Good grief. It's like there is some sort of psychological trauma which happened to people who talk like that ... and doggin Charlie Strong is their therapy.

    He had a LOT of "help" from refusal to hire whom he wanted until we finally got rid of Patterson ... but by then the writing was on the wall.

    This is year 3 for Herman ... the year Strong was sacked in his contract ... and Herman is looking down the barrel of a very similar season to 2016's. (a weedeater bowl notwithstanding) Perhaps 2018 was greater than the standard deviation of expectation, but it sure set 2019 for another CCG and I don't believe that was "too high" of an expectation.


    Who do I want? A guy who understands football and demonstrates it. losing two games we could have won with our practice squad, and a Kansas outcome we could have done with the Texas Pom.

    i don't care what his name is ... be honorable, gracious, kind off the field ... but like we expect of our players when the helmet is donned ... in practice or a game ... he'd better mean it even if he has to "be mean."

    Each position must be coached with the understanding, I have to win my battle so the team can win the war .... and putting 8 of 11 defenders 5 or more yards off the ball isn't demonstrating understanding of the game. blockers left and runner right ... isn't demonstrating understanding of the game.
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  28. ShAArk92

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    and all this comparison to what they "inherited?"

    Herman got Duvernay ... who was a BU roster guy. He transferred to Texas in 2016. That's like a pick 6 from the goal line. Cost BU 14 points.

    Who did Ruhl have in 2017?

    I'm not calling for Herman's job .... yet. I do understand year 3 is too early save for illegal or immoral activity ... but I am calling out his job performance. at BEST the Horns finish 2019 at 9-4 (mid level bowl) which numerically sounds "not too bad" ... but we know the story behind 4 of those wins (2 history at this point, and 3 presumptive with all the "intangibles" which are currently not secured)
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  29. BevoJoe

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    What ever CDC decides to do about Tom H, whether it's keep or toss, is fine with me. I'm going to trust the guy at this point. But, if I have read him right, there won't be much touchy feely type talk, at the year end review. I can see him setting some lofty goals and objectives which should be achievable, in 2020. He will most likely review the DC and OC as well as other position coaches and look at issues that mere injury should not result in the drastic falloff in production by backups as we witnessed in some cases this season. On the other hand, if the remainder of this season goes down the crapper, more drastic measures may be merited. We'll probably know more around the early to middle of January depending on how the season ends.
  30. Austin_Bill

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    I'm of the opinion that I don't see things getting better unless he decides to make it better. This isn't a problem with the players. Outside of LSU, we have better players than all of our other opponents. Yes we are young, but that is an excuse. Coaching fixes any problems with youth, and they aren't getting it.

    With that said, Texas won 10 games last year, he isn't getting fired this year, but so far this season is a nail in his coffin. I said a few weeks ago that the rest of this season is like a rope, he can use it to pull himself and the team out of this hole they've dug, or he can use it to hang himself, well that rope it tightening around his neck as we speak.

    Of course like any individual, he will go into self preservation mode and sack his subordinates and maybe this will fix problems if he hires the right guys to fix this.

    Honestly, there isn't a single excuse he can give us next year for his failings. He wins big or goes out with the bath water.

    Senior QB - Check
    Veteran Defense - Check
    Stacked Upper Class - Check
    Talent at skill positions - Check

    Only thing missing is coaching.
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