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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by George Bailey, Nov 16, 2019.

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    I think if you are talking the talk String was talking, no, you don't nickname certain players and brag about them coming to your house to watch TV.

    I know he dismissed a bunch of [players he deemed to be trouble makers. Maybe they were, maybe they weren't. But, if he id that and couldn't develop who remained, that's on him. Not saying he should have kept them, but it's a lousy excuse for a losing season.
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    LOL ... wow bro. Is not the first year of any coach a bit of a "honeymoon?" Expectations are less about the w/l record than the establishing of a new coach/staff/team?

    If Herman is fired, do you really expect the next guy to win the national championship? Even conference championship? Bowl Game ... ??? GO to a bowl game? In his first year?

    How can one be brand new in the job, release a significant number of last year's starters and get upset about a record?

    Be critical of Charlie for what he did ... not what he couldn't do ... If Saban couldn't be Saban ... would that be on him for accepting a job with those restrictions? Or on the AD?
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    I expect a new coach at The University of Texas to come in and win. Not go 6-7 with an embarrassing *** kicking to Arkie in the Bowl, shutout loss to KSU, and embarrassing *** kicking from TCU. Give me a break.

    I agree with you most of the time, but I haven't heard who he wanted to hire who would have helped him avoid all that plus 2015 and 2016.
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    Assuming the previous coach was released for lacking performance in the w/l record/championships ... and therefore had a "bare cupboard" of talent.

    I expect the new coach to install a winning attitude again, recognizing that if this team had it before, the new coach wouldn't BE there.

    Strong's first two years were booby trapped, and then not afforded a chance to recover. It's done ... but it's less than honest to say all that was UT football or wasn't was Strong's fault when he wasn't allowed to be the Head Coach his first two seasons.

    I'm sorry I cannot provide the names ... my source at "scout.com" got "waporized" in the server deletion, but even Sabre has acknowledged this to be true with his addition that some didn't want to be on Strong's staff ... that he wasn't allowed to pursue anyway.
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    ShAArk, think any Charlie was wronged talk is propaganda, but I'll agree in principle that the "powers that be", whether big cigars/administration/what have you, consistently demonstrate that they are NOT interested in dominating the Big 12 or college football. Whatever that agenda is (money?), it interferes with winning conference titles or going to the CFP. "They" must've chucked those ideals when they somehow allowed Vince and co to come to the 40. Come to think of it, the Texas Longhorns and Jerry Jones are very similar in that regard.... "hey, didn't win this week, but take a look at that bank account!".... Before someone yells "CHEATERS!", I wonder how Oklahoma's machine kept running since Bob Stoops set foot on campus..... I think it's because when you commit to Oklahoma it's about WINNING FOOTBALL GAMES and not some other agenda that (as stated before) evades detection at this time. Calling out SabreHorn who seems to be concretely embedded in the goings on behind the curtain.... What is going on?!
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    I’m not “calling out SabreHorn” ... I’m repeating what he’s posted here.

    IDK what you’re trying to say with your post, @zuckercanyon .

    I’ve said all I care to at this point. Charlie is gone but the folks who didn’t support the HC when Charlie was it ... they’re still here. How are they working for the program now?
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    To be clear, ShAArk, I was saying that I/me/not you am calling out Sabre since he's an insider (going by the statements he's made). Maybe he knows why.

    Agree to disagree on CS, but I'm saying maybe Sabre knows why Texas doesn't produce on the field as well as OU does. What's the agenda they have that keeps Texas from shining year in/out?
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    AH! OK. I copy that now. Sorry.

    yeah, IDK. But since year 4 of the Big XII, it’s been OUs to lose year in and out. We have 3 of ‘em post Mackovic. That’s not a great rate.

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