Who Has The Best Longhorn Football Wife?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by dukesteer, Nov 24, 2017.

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    I probably should have saved this thread for the off-season but I was inspired by El Sapo's "Host Zilla" comment. Plus, I'm bored...

    I met my lovely wife in 1969. I didn't speak a work of Spanish, and she, not a word of English. It's a long and entertaining story...for another time. But I married very well with respect to my Longhorn obsession. Here are two examples:

    Exhibit A:

    My wife's first cousin is a cardiologist in Austin and for a time his group had a suite at DKR. To her massive embarrassment and mortification, I was always lobbying for tickets. (When it comes to Texas Football I'll do just about anything. And to watch from a suite?) We attended some high profile games during MB's decade of greatness, and I saw Ricky's run from the suite.

    For whatever reason, some in the suite group chose not to attend the 2005 Rose Bowl, or the 2006 Greatest Game of All Time. Their Rose Bowl seats were on the 35 yard line, 55 rows up, and I was there for both. My wife was with me for the Michigan game but decided to surrender her seat for the VY miracle so that my best friend, from Austin, could attend. (And that's another very entertaining story as well.)

    Exhibit B:

    Unfortunately, when anyone passes away in my wife's family it usually seems to coincide with OU weekend. (Don't judge my insensivity. I'm just reporting facts.)

    The weekend her father passed away I was allowed to leave the funeral activities early so that I could watch OU ...destroy us. I should have stayed at the funeral.

    My luck might run out tonight though. My granddaughter is celebrating her 18th birthday and I "have to be there" for the dinner which starts, coincidentally, at 7:00 PM. :rolleyes1: As I asked my wife, why? My granddaughter doesn't listen to any of the advice I give her and she pretty much ignores me. Why do I have to go? But then again, she's ...18.

    I think I feel a serious sore throat developing...:hookem:
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    I was able to snap a quick picture yesterday at great personal risk.
    Wait, who am I kidding? If she ever figures out my Horn Fans user name I'm dead anyways.

    In all seriousness, my gal is an angel and far better than I deserve. This year's K-State game was the first football game she had ever been to and she loved it :hookem:
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