Who or what is the Beast in Revelation?

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by Monahorns, Jun 25, 2021.

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    HHD. Reading Daniel alongside Revelation is requirement to understand things. That and read things as literally as possible.

    But even with that there are many areas of uncertainty. Find things you can pin down and be certain about. Let the other things remain uncertain.
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    when there is prophecy about the future i think there can be more harm than good in deciding some one person is the antiChrist and one specific country is a beast.

    1) you're most likely to be one of many who have done the exact same thing for the last 2000 years ish.

    2) some prophecy is revealed progressively, so what we see in part now may be somewhat different in the future when we can see it all.

    4) some prophecies are so indirect as to not be able to see them for what they are until you are looking back in time (out of Egypt I have called my son...tear down this temple, and I will raise it in 3 days)

    3) a lot of prophecy is intended to motivate readiness, not "i could see the mobil pegasus first coming into Dallas." competition. it's not a contest to see who gets the answers of prophecy first. ftr, it was almost always me who saw the pegasus first. :)

    4) it is a validation to the truth to those who see it after... like the birth of Jesus to the Hebrews (and depending on how you see the tribulation and millennium)

    just my two cents...
    know the characteristics of the good guys and the bad guys. live like you're ready.
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    Did you read the series? I don't name a person or a country. I try to call out the things that are certain about the Beast which the Bible is clear on.

    Then I draw conclusions on those principles found, which as you say, calls us to be ready. It also helps us understand what being ready means and what entities we should be wary of even if the Beast is still thousands of years away.

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