Who's Your Double?

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by longtex, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. longtex

    longtex Guest

    Looking at the movies, TV or other media, who's your double? Who looks or acts or sounds (or whatever) like you? Could be just the role, or the real person...

    Me? I'd go for John Lithgow as Dick Solomon on Third Rock some years back: "Don't get upset, we all have our crosses to bear: I'm rude and arrogant; you're stupid."

  2. Texanne

    Texanne 5,000+ Posts

    When I wore my hair long, I looked very much like Alex Kingston from ER. The only real difference is our noses -- mine is a ski slope and her's is a mogul. But we have the same shape eyes, mouth, cheeks and chin.
  3. HatDaddy

    HatDaddy 1,000+ Posts

    I've gotten Matt Damon for many years now.
    If I am with a group of my friends, people have asked once or twice if I was him. Sometimes feels a little creepy.
    He's shorther than I am.
  4. rickysrun

    rickysrun 2,500+ Posts

    Mickey Rourke
  5. TexasAirForce

    TexasAirForce 25+ Posts

    George Will.......
  6. my last few girlfriends have told me that i remind them of Dirk Diggler. it's weird because i look nothing like Mark Wahlberg.
  7. ACuriae

    ACuriae 500+ Posts

    Keanu Reeves. People have stopped me at ABIA and on 6th Street to ask me for his autograph. A woman and her daughter interrupted my breakfast at Little Annie's in Aspen last winter to try to get his autograph.

    Funniest thing is, I don't think we look much alike other than eye and hair color and same general build. I guess that's all it takes for some people.
  8. overmaars

    overmaars 1,000+ Posts

    Michael Madsen, aka Mr. Blonde.
  9. WorsterMan

    WorsterMan 10,000+ Posts

    Chevy Chase (when he was younger) is what I mostly hear. One time someone told me I looked like George Hamilton - I think they were drunk.
  10. Bluepies

    Bluepies Guest

    I got a Tom Cruise comparison once. I think that's only because I'm short. And by short, I mean two inches shorter than Tom Cruise.
  11. MAROON

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  12. J.R.69

    J.R.69 250+ Posts

    Hale Irwin
  13. GarCiaRia

    GarCiaRia 100+ Posts

    I was told I look like the dude from Beerfest. Then I was told I look like the dude from Super Troopers....Then I realized it's the same dude (dark indian one). I'm hispanic, and apparently not hispanic looking.
  14. UTRanger 2/75

    UTRanger 2/75 100+ Posts

    Sadly Bill Paxton
  15. DigglerontheHoof

    DigglerontheHoof 1,000+ Posts


    I get told constantly I look exactly like Vic Mackey.
  16. X-Ray_Horn

    X-Ray_Horn 250+ Posts

    I remember this same question asked a few years ago, and Texanne was here with the Alex Kingston comparison!

    Texanne, I said I kinda looked like a less handsome 50's & 60's actor John Gavin (Psycho, Imitation of Life) when he was younger:

  17. orangecat

    orangecat 1,000+ Posts

    not me, but have you ever seen Rick Perry and Nick Saban at the same place? I used to wonder who Nick Saban looked like, and finally figured it out.
  18. longtex

    longtex Guest

  19. wolfman

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  20. converse

    converse 250+ Posts

    I used to get Timothy Hutton a lot.

    Now, probably more like "generic 40-year-old dude."
  21. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill 1,000+ Posts

    For some reason, Tom Hanks. A few years ago, we were skiing in Colo. and my wife and I were sitting around the skating rink wearing baseball caps and dark sunglasses while our (then) 4 yo son was running around making noise and going up to other tables like he was invited. We finally left for the condo, but on the way out, a lady stopped us and said, "do you know why everyone is staring at you?" We hadn't noticed but assumed it was because our son was so loud. she told us that everyone thought we were Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, and there were people on the 2nd floor balconies filming us with camcorders. Man...why couldn't I have been mistaken for Brad Pitt? I am that handsome. [​IMG]
  22. TXSNOS

    TXSNOS 1,000+ Posts

    Nobody famous, but when I was in college at UT I worked in a restaurant, and the restaurant manager and I had a very strong resemblance. On any number of occasions when friends of his would visit the restaurant they would ask me if we were brothers. One night his wife even came up to me and started talking to me as if I were her husband. She was a little embarrassed when she took a closer look.
  23. fd51h

    fd51h 25+ Posts

    A few have said Micheal Douglas, but just last week someone said Kirk Douglas..... post-stroke!
  24. HornDawg1957

    HornDawg1957 100+ Posts

    In college, a guy told me I looked like a dark-haired John Denver. I thought to myself, "You need to get out more."

    So there I was, 30 years later, seeing an ad with a photo for some John Denver-related event, and for the first time in my life, I thought, "Dang--I do look like a dark-haired John Denver." All of the other photos I've ever seen of him, I don't see any resemblance, but then came this one photo, and it was a little spooky.
  25. Longhorny630

    Longhorny630 1,000+ Posts

    I got Paul Rudd a year ago. I liked that, he's a funny guy
  26. LongLiveBevo

    LongLiveBevo 250+ Posts

    In my late teens/early 20s, I got Nicole Kidman comparisons all the freakin' time. She's got a good 5" on me but we both have long strawberry-blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. But alas, I don't have an eating disorder to keep me that skinny anymore.

    WTFHORNFAN 100+ Posts

    I get mistaken for this ******** Marcus Halberstram. It seems logical because Marcus also works at P&P and in fact does the same exact thing I do and he also has a penchant for Valentino suits and Oliver Peoples glasses. Marcus and I even go to the same barber, although I have a slightly better haircut.
  28. where_are_my_8s

    where_are_my_8s 250+ Posts

    Stone Cold Steve Austin, although I wish I was that built.
  29. grinder

    grinder 500+ Posts

    Have had a couple of strippers/hookers [​IMG] tell me that I remind them of Ray Romano with looks, mannerisms, voice, etc.
  30. UT Horn Fan

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