Why can't Heard pass?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by georgecostanza, Oct 31, 2015.

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    It was obvious pretty damn quick that we needed to throw the ball to have success tonight. Somehow, we didn't need to in order to beat OU and K State. If we did, we probably wouldn't have won either game.

    When Heard is in the game, they load the box and are able to easily stop the run. If we decide to pass, they leave two linebackers in zone to spy on Heard. Either he's not able to beat the coverage or the receivers aren't getting open. We've definitely had more success with Swoopes as quarterback tonight.

    It should be obvious that Watson chose to start Swoopes at the beginning of the year because he is much more capable of throwing the ball all over the field. The offense still sucked under Watson, and a lot of that is on him.

    I'm not really sure what the best approach is going forward. Iowa State just gave all the remaining teams on our schedule the blueprint to containing our offense. Overall, the adjustments were poor tonight. We clearly went into the game believing we would be able to run the football with success, but that did not happen. We should have just kept rolling with Swoopes after we had success with him in the second quarter.
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    In all honesty, that blueprint's been there since OSU. Ive been saying that our "offensive resurgence" needed to be taken with a grain of salt and this was a good dose of reality. It was a bit of a step back, but not as much as people think. This is a team that cannot compete in the passing game - whether it's the scheme or the QBs unwilling or unable to pull the trigger. I'm sure having a bunch of young receivers and Marcus Johnson (who I'm sorry, if he's not catching a wheel rout down the sideline has shown me absolutely nothing) is part of the problem, but I'm sure it hasn't helped.
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    At some point your receivers have to get separation. What the hell happened to Burt? Why when Daje is open by 20 yds does Swoopes throw it out of bounds? Bottom line is this team plays stupid. They don't run crisp routes. Never can find a TE. Never throw to the backs. We did that earlier in the year. Hit Gray several times on wheel routes. Now never even try.

    Why, because Strong knows nothing about offense, and he can't find someone who does. You can't put your D out there 10+ times and never even cross mid field. It's hard to rate the D as bad as the O was. They were bad, but you gotta give them a break. We never did.
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  4. ProdigalHorn

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    Hey as bad as the defense looked in our eyes, the bottom line was that Iowa State had 17 points in the fourth quarter. Holding Iowa State to 17 points is a good enough defensive performance to win a game.
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  5. Driver 8

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    Go Charlie! Anywhere but Austin! Just go!
  6. JustWin

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    Agreed. ISU has scored 17, 23, 31, 21, 27 in their losses this season.
    Their new OC and new QB
    only put up 24. We should expect to win in that situation.
  7. 56 Bells

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    Iowa State Offensive Line = better than UT's defensive line
    Iowa State Defensive Line = better than UT's offensive line
    Iowa State's #2 q.b. = better than UT's #1 q.b.
    Iowa State's #2 r.b. = better than UT's #1 running back
    Have I left out anything?
  8. Longbomb

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    It's absurd that those 4 things are true.
    It must be due to poor coaching. I don't see any other reasonable explanation.
  9. andyhorn

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    [QUOTE="Longbomb, post: 1415920, member: 8943Every time isurd that those 4 things are true.
    It must be due to poor coaching. I don't see any other reasonable explanation.[/QUOTE]
    I have seen many high school football games. Everytime I have seen a predominantly white coaching staff play against a predominantly black coaching staff I immediately know who is going to win. And most of the time I was right. As a black man CS's view of football is "let's go beat em up and run over them" testosterone football. But football is very much like a game of chess. Its about putting the right men in the right place and controlling space. Its about understanding your opponentand beating him to the punch. It is about x's and o's and teaching the kids how to anticipate.
  10. Clean

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    Heard was 6 for 9 for less than 30 yards. Most of his completions were nothing more than long laterals. He goes back and if he doesn't see anybody open immediately he gets happy feet and starts running. That worked for a few games, but now teams are scheming for it.

    His decision making is poor. That wounded duck interception he threw was as bad as it gets. How many times has he just run out of bounds instead of throwing the ball away or run out of bounds a yard from a first down?

    It was a pitiful performance. He is NOT the qb that this program needs. He never will be.
  11. car54

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    The entire first half we ran right at a stacked box with a jet sweep once in a while,and threw the hitch pass/bubble a couple times. Listen to VY and Thomas on LHN. They mentioned our pass routes lack common football sense. Its too late for Charlie to retool his staff. Nobody will come risking a one and done gig.

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