Why Do Healed Broken Bones Ache?

Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by lostman, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. lostman

    lostman 500+ Posts

    Others I know who have had broken bones also report the same thing, but why? Can't seem to find anything to support it. Maybe the collective wisdom and intelligence of HF has the answer!
  2. texdude2006

    texdude2006 100+ Posts

    I haven't experienced this aching..yet.
  3. Hornicator

    Hornicator 25+ Posts

    There's a good chance It may be arthritis. Look up some sites about the disease and see how it compares to what you're experiencing.
  4. SAChick

    SAChick 500+ Posts

    It means the weather is about to change. [​IMG]
  5. next2naus

    next2naus 500+ Posts

    my leg has never hurt such as you describe however the scar tissue in my finger where there is extra bone since it was shattered and healed does feel funny from time to time. not pain, just different
  6. lostman

    lostman 500+ Posts

    Thanks Chick! I was wondering! [​IMG]

    It is not arthritis since the break is in the middle of my right humerus. Got a second elbow temporarily installed there when I tried to stop myself after going over the front of a motorcycle. It is a very definite ache in the bone and in the spot where the bone mended. It can hurt enough to have to take Advil for a few days. Has been hurting the last couple days, but no cold front coming through. Just always wondered, and have known others who also said their "breaks" hurt in weather changes. [​IMG]

    Maybe just further confirmation of what I already knew - I am weird.
  7. plumborange

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    It means yer finally getting old. Four broken bones and nowadays I feel em all time to time.
  8. accuratehorn

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    I was told there are a lot of nerves in the bones, which is surprising, and that is why there is so much pain when you break one. You tend to think of a real inert hunk of calcium just sitting there, but they are living, ever-changing organs, and can really be a source of pain. This was after breaking my leg-some pain nine months later, mainly reclining on that side. Mine is probably from the pins they put in, or the missing scalpel from the OR.
  9. TexasEd

    TexasEd 1,000+ Posts

    Your body may be under stress at this time and the natural cortisone it usually produces to mask the pain you would otherwise feel all the time may be tapped out.

    Look into whether you are experiencing any allergy symptoms at the time. You may need some antihistamine to help keep that in check so your natural defenses don't get so depleted.

    May also want to look into a small supplement of DHEA as well as it is the chemical building block for many of the naturally occurring hormones in your body.
  10. LordHornAustin

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  11. lostman

    lostman 500+ Posts

    Lord Horn - that made me laugh, but bad timing - you posted when I get my first official "application" to join AARP! Ooooh noooo! Thanks for the laugh though.

    TexEd - makes some sense. Stress right now - check (teaching will do that). Allergies right now - check (thank you ragweed). Female hormonal issues - check (age). My arm was hurting like never before, last week. I will have to check out DHEA at Walgreens. Thanks.

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