why do people drink?

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by FirstTimeLurker, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. FirstTimeLurker

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    I don't . Not that I haven't but I don't understand the fascination. It smells, has a boring taste, and makes you fat. What is the attraction?
  2. Tejano@UT

    Tejano@UT 250+ Posts

    Boring taste? What have you tried?

    Alcohol isn't limited to cheap stuff. There's some genuinely tasty stuff being made that, if you make the effort to find it, is totally worth it.
  3. FirstTimeLurker

    FirstTimeLurker 100+ Posts

    beer is worthless to me, even the better brands are not really that enticing. I've had brandy which was decent, but I don't know if I want to make a habit of it, wine of course. If mixed with something tasty, alcohol is ok but still by itself I don't understand the fanatic devotion, especially to beer.
  4. NightCrew

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    In the words of the great Hank Williams Jr:

    So don't ask me, Hank why do you drink? Hank, why do you roll smoke?Why must you live out the songs that you wrote?

    And the answer to those questions: to get drunk, to get high, and I think to get laid
  5. HornzUp

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    this most certainly does not have a boring taste. If it wasnt 3am and I didnt need to finish this paper I would be drinking one right now [​IMG]
  6. kangsta

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    sucks for you
  7. Macanudo

    Macanudo 2,500+ Posts

    Why do people eat anchovies? Or escargot?

    Taste is subjective.
  8. VoodooChi|d

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    I drink to get drunk generally. Sometimes I'll drink to get buzzed and sometimes just to enjoy with my meal. Not all booze tastes great but theres plenty that does.
  9. BigOrange

    BigOrange 100+ Posts

    because being ****** up is a lot more fun than being sober?
  10. RichUT

    RichUT 250+ Posts

    Because some people don't know how to have fun sober?
  11. Mike_Tyson

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    I drink because I have varying tastes. I drink an array of things from white and red wines, different beers, vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey, Dr Pepper, Sprite, Coke, Ginger Ale, Gatorade, and water. I've been drunk probably 5 times in the 4 years I've been drinking. My different tastes in drinks is why I drink.
  12. midtown

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    I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day.
    -Dean Martin
  13. Beamwalker

    Beamwalker 250+ Posts

    Because boozing is fun. You get all ****** up and make an *** of yourself around other people doing the same. It can lead to stories otherwise impossible.

    I remember one on the old board about a guy who got caught by his girlfriends dad. Dad puts guys burnt belt buckle in his mailbox next day, then somehow it ended up guy was invited to huge family dinner. A lot of alcohol went into that chain of events to determine the outcome, as it has many other stories. Such as the throwing of a coke at a mute (or was it deaf?) guy's junk. Alcohol makes better stories.
  14. Barton Hills

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  15. jt09

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  16. accuratehorn

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    Because reality sucks.
  17. TxArch

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  18. WideHorns

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    I know how to have fun sober... it's just MORE fun when I'm not sober.
  19. MikeUT00

    MikeUT00 Guest

    NightCrew, that was also the first thing I thought of when I read the title. [​IMG]

  21. WideHorns

    WideHorns 25+ Posts

    I don't think blind guys drink to make the girls look better...I could be wrong though.
  22. Beau Vine

    Beau Vine 1,000+ Posts

    "Because they can" -- George Carlin

    Wait, that was the answer to a different question...
  23. numbereleven

    numbereleven 250+ Posts

    Because wine and beer are delicious and their various incarnations and subtle differences are part of the spice of life. Because good scotch is incredible. Because many mixed drinks are fun to experiment with and discover what you like and don't like. Because introducing alcohol can enhance certain social situations. Because food can often be appreciated in a deeper way with certain kinds of alcoholic beverages.
  24. Lonestarman

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  25. TxStHorn

    TxStHorn 1,000+ Posts

    Hey, I'm a man. I don't drink to get drunk. I drink to test my stamina!!
  26. Lonestarman

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  27. flaco

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    fat women need love too.
  28. Ankf00

    Ankf00 250+ Posts

    because how else am I going to end up in some random Vandy girl's room in NOLA with no memory of how I got there?
  29. chuychanga

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    Why eat spicy food? Why buy a a red car instead of gray one? Why talk to a hot girl instead a homely one?

    I drink to make other people more fun.
  30. MissingInAction

    MissingInAction 100+ Posts

    see bacheloser thread.

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