why do people drink?

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    This article has some analysis. (NYT, registration required I think)The Link
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    You'd drink, too, if you found out your wife was married to 9 other guys.
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    To wash down the Vicodin.
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    I drink to make her pretty.
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    because i do what i want dammit.
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    There is nothing that tastes better than a hand crafted beer. Sure, it’s and acquired taste, but I’ve come to the conclusion that people who don’t like beer were turned off by American mega swill and are no longer open to trying beer again. American lager is for alcoholics. That may not make a lot of sense at first because Bud has less alcohol than a Belgian tripel, but you can not pound 12 craft brews in 2 hours like you can megaswill. Basicly the "piss like" tones many people enjoy in American Lager come from rice adjunts and a relatively high alcohol to body ratio. A recipe to F you up.

    That being said, I do enjoy the warm "edge softening " buzz you get after a couple of tripels.

    Everything in moderation

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