Why is beer good?

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by Randy Marsh, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. Randy Marsh

    Randy Marsh < 25 Posts

    It gets you drunk

    I like beer.
  2. gobears92

    gobears92 Guest

    I love you
  3. HornsN04

    HornsN04 500+ Posts

    [homer] mmmmmmmm beer [/homer]
  4. Tim & Omar's Apt

    Tim & Omar's Apt 100+ Posts

    Nominate for classics.
  5. Macanudo

    Macanudo 2,500+ Posts

    Beer good.
  6. MissingInAction

    MissingInAction 100+ Posts

    When everyone and all else has failed you, beer is always there to pick up the pieces. Whether it be a 24 ouncer, a 6 er, 12 pack , or suitcase you know hwats up when you place your sweet sweet libations at the cash register. You know that in short time you will be in a happy place where no one can touch you, you are a rock star, and master of your domain. I am not a religious man but beer makes me wonder about a higher power that wants me to be happy.
  7. Ankf00

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  8. crackamacgowski

    crackamacgowski 100+ Posts

  9. rtchorn

    rtchorn 250+ Posts

    To alcohol... the cause of and solution to all of life's problems.
  10. MisplacedHorn

    MisplacedHorn 25+ Posts

    Beer gives me hope that there is a God.
  11. HornsOverIthaca

    HornsOverIthaca 250+ Posts

    "Samuel L Jackson. It'll get you drunk! You'll be fuckin fat girls in no time!"
  12. kangsta

    kangsta 500+ Posts

    wonderful, you big silly goose
  13. Steel Shank

    Steel Shank 1,000+ Posts

    Beer makes me feel sexy.
  14. 89Horn

    89Horn 25+ Posts

  15. TexasHooch

    TexasHooch 100+ Posts

    I've tried 'em all and it might sound queer, but my favorite drug is an ice-cold beer
  16. Lonestarman

    Lonestarman 100+ Posts

    Why is (deleted) good? NO SEX AT ALL.
  17. TXSNOS

    TXSNOS 1,000+ Posts

    Thanks to my ancestors I have been genetically selected to drink beer.
  18. Orangesweat

    Orangesweat 2,500+ Posts

    Less filling
  19. MissingInAction

    MissingInAction 100+ Posts

    zima + puppies is better than beer?
    I just can't respond to this properly without unwanted moderation.
  20. wd40

    wd40 < 25 Posts

    this from the natty light guy. [​IMG]

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