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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by KBBAKER, Aug 16, 2019.


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    Mail out the season tickets? Got the USPS tracking number over a week ago. Still no tickets. Blows my mind every season. Sorry to vent.
  2. everette

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    I got my mine several days ago.
  3. easy

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    Got my email last Saturday tickets showed up Monday
  4. mchammer

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    Yeah, in the past, I’ve started a similar rollcall thread. You beat me to it this year. Anyway, I got mine today.
  5. easy

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  6. Phil Elliott

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    I just got my email with the tracking number today. :-(
  7. BevoJoe

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    I have mine sent by electronic delivery. They came to my phone mid June.
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  8. PecosBill

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    What does the USPS tracking number say delivery date is? USPS Priority Mail is 2-4 days depending on the ship date. "over a week is too long"
  9. PecosBill

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    Email Sunday with tracking number and delivery Monday USPS Priority Mail.

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