Why no mens soccer?

Discussion in 'Soccer' started by Ken Barnett, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Ken Barnett

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    Texas used to have a mens program. What happened?
  2. longhorn47

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    Title IX
  3. Ken Barnett

    Ken Barnett 25+ Posts

    For those of us without jurisprudence vocabulary or knowledge, what , exactly, does that mean? Other NCAA schools have mens soccer. ND, North Carolina, SMU etc. Why not Texas?
  4. ViperHorn

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    Has to be equality in the number of programs. Add men´s soccer you have to add another women´s sport.
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  5. Ken Barnett

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  6. Driver 8

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    I wasn't aware of that either. Thanks.
  7. majorwhiteapples

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    For each male scholarship there has to be a female scholarship.....

    Football is 85 scholarships.....some schools have soccer and not baseball or not Tennis or golf or some schools have wrestling, some schools like Ohio State and Stanford compete in just about everything.....Texas has chosen the road to be excellent in the sports that we can afford and don't run a debt......it varies from school to school.

    Most schools have football because that for the most part is the biggest money generator, I would be interested in a Duke and how the BB program stacks up to the FB program in Net Revenue?
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  8. racerx5908

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    More than that...Did you know that some of our Northern Big 12 teams have wrestling, whereas we don't? Also, some Big 12 teams do not have softball teams(K-State, West Virginia, TCU). One does not have a volleyball team (Oklahoma State). Instead, they have NCAA equestrian and wrestling and other things we say, "Hunh?". This year, K-State just started women's soccer.
  9. Statalyzer

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    Number of scholarships, technically. That's why men's basketball gets like 11 scholarships and women's basketball gets like 14, which seems like very clearly not equality....
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  10. Joe Fan

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