Why so uptight in first round?

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by caryhorn, Mar 16, 2012.

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    This is the most over pumped, out of control I've ever seen a team. I'm not a basketball guru, but it looks like a lethal combination of freshmen nerves, and Barnes' winding them too tight. Plus the old problems of going long periods without scoring (common with Barnes' teams) is here in spades.

    This team has a lot of heart, no give up in them. We'll see how the game plays out.
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    Freshmen ! [​IMG]

    HOOK 'EM,
    Texdoc [​IMG]
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    It's not a load of fun watching a 13th grade team every year that starts all over learning to play. I'm thinking two or three of them, plus Brown, are ready for the NBA and won't be back [​IMG] so we can bring in five or six more freshmen (13th graders) and start all over again. What else is new?

    And it's not a load of fun to get the CBS game and have Ernie, Kenny and Charles talking about you at half time, and you come out and stink like this.

    By the way... I think the one shot in the game that hurts the most when you miss is the layup. Including put-backs around the rim. If you start missing all those, it's worse than missing 3 pointers, even free throws. It's extremely self-defeating. If Texas had made four out of five of any touches around the rim, would have made a difference in momentum. Kabongo started the game with a have-to-make layup, and it went from there,
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    That article is full of crap. TJ Ford's freshman year comes to mind without even needing to look up anything. We were a #6 and beat a #3.
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    If Ian Eagle (and now Barkley) say that we are "young" one more time I'm going to throw something at the tv. Even said it one time as Jr. Brown throws stupid pass to Sr. Chapman. [​IMG]

    Hook'em!!! [​IMG]
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    Couple of re-tweets from Taylor Gaspar

    Taylor Gaspar ‏ @Taylor_Gaspar
    Haha! Poor puppies! RT @mikefinger Texas went 10:18 without scoring; outscored 22-6 in paint; shot 4-of-25 overall; killed 143 puppies.

    Taylor Gaspar ‏ @Taylor_Gaspar
    RT @ESPNStatsInfo Texas had 4 FG in the 1st half, tying its 3rd-lowest in any half since 1965-66. Its16.0 FG pct is 2nd-worst. #MarchMadness

    The whole problem with young players is that the previous years were young players, off to the NBA. You don't get a carryover of experience for each new group every year. It's "start all over again" every year. The program needs a solid group of Soph & Jr all-stars as well as senior leadership. Then roll it forward. The football teams are great like that, same for baseball. Basketball should be no different. You need all four years of eligibility across the team. Year after year.

    What's on the floor is what's come home to roost after successive years of guys bailing to the NBA. See, just missed another layout around the rim.
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    This is embarrassing. Wow, really bad.
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    What makes it worse, as the announcers are hammering, Cincy is not really playing all that great either. This really is one of those it's us not you scenarios. It's mental now?
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    of course it is coming down to the greatest comeback of all time... if they win, it's no longer a freshman team. [​IMG]

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