Why was the game on CBS?

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by OrangeHair, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. OrangeHair

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    In Houston at least. Great win but surprised our friends at ESPN/ABC didn't pick it up.
  2. 2 Hats on 290

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    And does anyone know if it will be replayed on CBSCS?
  3. Endust

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    I was trying to figure this out too.

    I suspect because CBS carries the tournament, they also get to pick some of the more significant national games each week?

    they also carried ohio state and illinois earlier in the day.
  4. Win

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    I think they broadcast at least one Big XII game on the weekend. If my memory serves me correct, the times we've played Kansas on a weekend in the past, the game was on CBS.
  5. AdMark

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    Um, maybe because they're a national TV network that shows sports?

    We have a game or two there every year.
  6. Bigtex112

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    Having marquee games on CBS is the norm, not an anomaly.
  7. OrangeHair

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    I didn't realize we had a contract with CBS, thanks.
  8. 4realhorn

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    The UNC game earlier this year was on CBS as well.
  9. notanative

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    What difference can it possibly make, as long as we're on???

  10. jagdilly69

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    Agreed...on TV is good..especially up here in Chicago. Don't mind CBS as it starts feeling more like March Madness time.
  11. GemStateJim

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    I didn't mind the CBS broadcast. Clark Kellogg shared several quality observations, and Verne Lundquist really seemed to get caught up in our rally and subsequent roll (not surprising given he's an Austin High Maroon and TLC alum).
  12. majorwhiteapples

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    Kellog and Lundquist What good observations? Yea Kansas played good D in the first half but so did Texas. Didn't hear anything about that........ Second half all they kept saying was how Kansas kept missing their shots, nothing about the stifling Texas D.

    Then one of them goes into some crap about how Gillespie and Self talk every day, I don't that very highly. What unrelated male does another grown male talk to every day that does not work together? Either it is ******** or Self and Gillespie are Secret Lovers!!!!

    That crap about the 1922/23 National Championships what a joke, I guess that wasn't Lundquist or Kellog but that just adds more to the ******** that was the announcers.

    Lundquist needs to be put out to pasture and I actually do like Kellog but he needs a new partner.
  13. GemStateJim

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  14. majorwhiteapples

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