Why will next year be different?

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by TexanWolv, Mar 21, 2009.

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    You have to be in residence for two semesters at the school to which you transfer before you are eligible. Lucas hoped to skate by on that.

    To me, the major question would be whether he would be docked a year of eligibility for playing in one exhibition game this season. I assume the answer to that is no.
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    W.r.t. the OP, there is legitimate reason to be concerned about our outside shooting going into next year. Say what you want about AJ, but he was the only one that could consistently shoot beyond the arc. No one really knows what happened to Connor this past year, but at least we know that he had the potential.

    I have no confidence that Balbay, Ward, or Mason will suddenly become long range sharp shooter. We'll be lucky if they can simply replace AJ's production (from downtown). So, we're gonna have to see it from the new faces. Not impossible, but a lot to expect.

    That's not even mentioning if Damian and/or Dex go. Both of them will certainly have the choice - it just a matter of whether they want to come back and try to improve their stock.
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    Watch the slam dunk contest? Dunking isn't everything of course, but Avery would've been oru best athlete this year.

    I don't think DJ has been a disappointment. He was a double/double machine this year.
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    we are going to the final four next year!

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