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    This is part exasperation and part question...

    Why does it seem as if all of our shots have to have such a high difficulty level? We take so many falling-away, hands-in-your face type shots while the other team seems to get so many easy looks within 5 feet.
    I've played basketball my whole life but was never coached. I know Rick Barnes is an awesome coach.
    So, why does there always seem to be such a disparity between the types of shots we take and the types of shots we give up?

    p.s. I'm truly not trying to trash the team and/or be a fair-weather fan. It's just something that's stuck out to me.
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    More importantly, why 760 playing the game on tape delay - after playing a minor league hockey game.
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    Why is D. James shooting barely over 50% in free throws? Those lost points are just killer. Today he misses 2 down the stretch in an OT game. [​IMG]
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    a couple of thoughts are that Texas gets everyones A game up and down our conference schedule. Every team we played in conference usually are ready to play TEXAS.
    The other teams plays tougher defense then we do so they make shots for us harder and when we are open we miss shots. Today we missed what 11-12 shots in a row.
    Today we had good low post play from Johnson, he's getting better every game. We also missed maybe 6-7 shots withing 4-5 feet today. When Texas travels we have 10-14 K fans yelling for our blood, If today we make half of our open shots and layups we win by 15 easy. Any conference win is big...
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    why does dj shoot 5-22 with 3 assists?
    why makes him have games where he misses some shots early and instead of getting into a rhythm by setting everyone else up and getting easy baskets does he start taking more fadeaways and driving into 3 defenders, etc.?
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    Because when it works, everyone talks about how he's the best point guard in the country.
    Fact is, what has made his reputation is hitting those forced shots in traffic, but realistically they're not always going to be there for him. You basically either tell him to stop trying to create those shots or you live with the fact that some nights they don't go in.
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    thats giving dj a false choice. barnes needs to tell him to feed the postmore than he does. hes been making the game way to difficult the last several games. gary johnson, connor atchely, and damion james all have skills arouidn the basket.
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    When the coach rewards and encourages his two starters in the backcourt who average 75+ minutes per game to take a ton of shots and not to look for teammates, this is what you end up with.
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    It's something Mason can do, too.

    He absolutely abused Josh Shipp in the first half against UCLA. It's part and parcel with him losing confidence on offense shortly thereafter. I was hoping the performance against OU would springboard him to his previous success, but that didn't happen.
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    That was exactly my thought when I heard him say it, BiH.

    The other thought being, "Okay, you're working with the post players exclusively while the guards rest...but how are the guards supposed to become even remotely adequate at feeding the post if they're resting?"
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    Kansas is 10 deep, and of those 10 they are 5 deep with DJ type talent. It will be a miracle if they don't abuse Texas like Paul Pierce's squad did to Penders' bunch in the Erwin Center that horrible afternoon. [​IMG]

    Even Hillary is crying over the Horns chances:

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    Texas has to replicate its play against UCLA and Tennessee to beat Kansas and that means Mason creating chances.

    I would think that Rush will cover Mason. Rush is a very good defender who did well against Durant last year. Chalmers on AJ will make it tough for him to get shots and Robinson/Collins on DJ will be rough especially on defensive end as DJ had trouble keeping Garrett from ISU in front of him.

    James and Johnson will have to bring it against Arthur and Jackson, while Atchley will have to score in double figures.

    I would zone them a lot and make them beat you outside. Turnovers would be a killer as Kansas has active hands.
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