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    I see a lot of talk on HFs about computer stuff and facebook and homepages, etc. But almost no talk about widgets. Does no one else use widgets at all?

    I love them. They are the easiest way to put interesting stuff on your own page. I just put a Christmas Countdown widget on mine for example. Like this one:

    Christmas Countdown

    But there are 1,000s of other types. Many musical, others video or pictures.
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    You mean widgets are an actual thing? I thought widgets were just hypothetical products that for some reason every law professor likes to use in their examples.
  3. BattleshipTexas

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    I buys Tetley's Old English Pub Ale in a can and it has a "Smooth Flow" beer widget. I love the sound the widget makes when I open the can but I yet to locate the widet. [​IMG]

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