Will AJ Play in the NBA?

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Truck's Son, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Truck's Son

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    I know he's really little, but he's got a lot going for him: quick release, accurate from all ranges, great ft shooter, handles the ball really well, distributes the ball really well.

    I guess his biggest knock is his height. Even defensively he's shown that he has the ability to guard much taller and stronger players. But if he continues to improve his mid-range game and other aspects of his game, does he have a shot at the NBA, or will his size prevent him from getting a look?
  2. whereiend

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    Well, I'd say it's much more likely that he ends up being a really good player in Europe.

    He might be able to make it as a bench PG who plays minimal minutes for instant offense and 3 point shooting. It'd be hard for him to make it in any other role IMO, just because he doesn't use his quickness enough to make up for his lack of height.
  3. GHoward

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    Maybe if he can convince some team that he can play PG.
  4. Too short, IMO.
  5. HatDaddy

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    He will be able to shoot at will in Eruope.
  6. Horn69

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    He needs to work on his PG ball-handling skills. BUT, with his shot, I think he has...a shot. [​IMG]

    Hook'em!!! [​IMG]
  7. DKR777

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    What kind of pro career did Hollis Price have?
  8. l00p

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    TJ did not have the greatest shot and was not exactly buff. Now, he was magical on the drive and I adore him to this day. But AJ is still young and has time to develop. He won't play in the pro's likely at this time but we'll have to see. I would love to see another Horn in the NBA.
  9. whereiend

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  10. Trilla

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    TJ is magical with the ball in his hands period. He's a very good PG in the NBA. AJ is no where close to TJ.
  11. hookem2102

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    I love him for us but there is no way he plays in the NBA .
  12. Texas Hold'em

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    How's JJ Redick doing right now?

    He's not able to create his own shot at the NBA level and is a defensive liability. Any reason AJ would be better suited? I'm not so sure.
  13. jimmyjazz

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    Abrams has a quicker trigger than Reddick, and doesn't need much space to get a shot off. Whether that's enough to earn him playing time in the NBA is doubtful, as Reddick is better at other aspects of the game, but I don't think AJ's ability to get a shot off will be what holds him back.
  14. eavesdrop

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  16. Statalyzer

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    If Daniel Gibson isn't too small to play SG, than AJ isn't too small to play PG. Not saying he will, but he could.

    I think AJ can get space for his own 3 better than Reddick - we don't screen for AJ nearly as much as Duke screened for JJ, and rarely do you set up 3s with screens in the NBA.
  17. Truck's Son

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  18. SL Xpress

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    I feel like I've shown a remarkable amount of restraint, actually.

    The comparison of AJ's potential to play in the NBA to Daniel Gibson's ability to play in the NBA is what finally undid me. If anything, I probably should have "threadshit' --- as you call it --- as soon as your post appeared.
  19. texashorne

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    IMHO, Yes. Not next season though. I think DJ will go pro and Texas will rely on AJ alot next year for scoring/ball handling and his numbers will go up enough to be taken as a second rounder. [​IMG]
  20. unpaintedhuffhines

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    ok, I'll be the one to say it...

    there is a snowballs chance in hell that AJ plays in the NBA

    I can't even believe the question was asked
  21. Truck's Son

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  22. gsoda3

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    no, i don't think so. he will get manhandled by the nba guards. his range won't translate to the nba: he's nowhere near as good shooting 2 feet beyond the arc as he is the college three point shot. no one's going to keep a guard on a team with a quick release who solely makes long jump shots. they're more inclined to keep a 2/3 or an extra 5.

    rick barnes says aj's a really good point guard but doesn't get an opportunity to display it. but i think if he can't beat justin mason for backup duty that should say something about where his PG skills stand.
  23. Statalyzer

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  24. hornv

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    It is a potentially dangerous thread because there really isn't a chance in hell that AJ will play in the NBA. If you come out and say this then you may have to back it up. If you back it up then you have to openly criticize AJ which is against the posting guidelines.
  25. p_town_horn

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    No. He can't handle the ball well enough and is small and doesn't drive the lane. I can maybe see some team bringing him in late in games when they need a trey but you don't keep too many guys on the roster for such specific roles. But we'll see.
  26. anotherwebexpert

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    Simple ansswer is no.

    AJ was a small shooting guard in high school, an even smaller shooting guard in college, and that will only get magnified in the NBA.

    He isn't overly quick, isn't a great leaper, and doesn't have great physical strength.

    You don't develop point guard skills you are born with the instincts to play the position and he has never shown the defenisve instincts AI has shown in playing the passing lanes.

    AJ is a good college player, but good college players don't always project well to the NBA.
  27. unpaintedhuffhines

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  28. MinnesotaHorn

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    The simple answer to your question is no. AJ's release is the only part of his game that is elite. His ball-handling, floor vision and the fact that he calls Brandon Foster 'Stretch' would all be mocked in the WNBA.
  29. SL Xpress

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    Royal Ivey

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