Will AJ Play in the NBA?

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Truck's Son, Feb 20, 2008.

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    You mean 6'3 Royal Ivey? With knuckles that drag the floor? That Royal Ivey?

    You feel like AJ Abrams and Royal Ivey are pretty comparable basketball players, do you?
  2. Truck's Son

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    I think he was probably saying that no one would have thought that Royal Ivey would have every made a living as a 4th year NBA player, just like a lot of folks don't think AJ will make a living as an NBA player. Hell, Royal Ivey never averaged 10 points a game at UT (IIRC) and was drafted as a defensive stopper primarily.
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    No way. He will earn his wealth in Europe. I agree with SL's analysis here. If hell freezes over and he does make an NBA active roster, I will eat crow.
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    I very much doubt it. But if he's a great point guard, who knows? He's certainly taller than the Earl Boykins of the world - who by the way, at 5'5", is still in the league.
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    I think it is a long shot. The only two guard that's done it at his size (that I can think of) is AI. It would be more likely that he could do it if he was a great point guard. Who knows, AJ could be a great point guard. Barnes has played a great point guard at SG before--Gibson. And with Gibson we did not even have a DJ like point guard.
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    AJ, right now, would not make it in the NBA. But, he's not going to the NBA right now. He's got another season. It'll depend a lot on how much he improves between now and then. If he develops a consistent midrange jumper off the dribble, he'll be a lot more valuable at PG because not a lot of guys can do that well. Of course, Mouton did that well also and didn't make it in the NBA - but he didn't seem to really pursue the pros much either.

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