Will Auburn Out Bid Texas for Urban Meyer?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by KBBAKER, Oct 17, 2020.

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    What off the field issues were there at OSU? All I can remember was related to the crazy ex-wife / abusive husband assistant coach, take your pick and side, when the wife called Meyer's wife to whine, and how she as some sort of state employee was support to report it, and didn't / sort of did / who knows.

    I don't remember off the field issues with players, but don't follow OSU that closely.

    I do know the fan base did not seem at all bothered by the above, and wanted Meyer to continue as coach.

    Can't really remember the heat being on him at UF either. After the 2009 season when he quit, there was no pressure on him, and him quitting seemed to come out the blue. I'm pretty sure A Hernazdez hadn't started killing people yet, so there was no pressure about that - I think he left UF 2008 or 09, so was just getting started with New England.

    This is why I posted those questions - besides "He's scum", I have not heard a fact based listing of what he's supposed to have done poorly as a coach, besides the incidents I mentioned.
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    Part of Meyer's package at Gainesville included a new John Deere tractor with frontend loader and backhoe.

    Easier to "coverup" the problems

    There was at least one more murder, and sexual assaults, although a couple of the latter was that recruit that administration withdrew his offer, and Donna Schilala made Larry take, then on the fifth or sixth strike he transferred to "can't find it" juco.

    I had high hopes that he would break the record of the kid up near the Tyler area (Trey ???), who set an NCAA record for being the only player to participate in a bowl while on probation in THREE different states.
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    Was that the dude from South Florida area who set off the fire extinguisher in the hotel in Gainesville, when he was there for a recruiting visit?

    What was the other murder? Or the first one for that matter - Hernazed started his killing spree I thought while in New England, but did shoot someone in HS and did a Raphie (you'll put your eye out).
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    The kid also had two sexual assault charges filed on his recruiting visit. Shilala loved that kid. Larry didn't even want to recruit him, but she forced him to put him on the team - didn't last long. Never played a game. He then announced he was transferring to WVU, and RichRod told the media that they had no place for him and knew nothing about his statements. Directional Mississippi Juco let him go real quick. (School of last resort)

    IIRC, Hernandez was involved in the other one, the body buried and not recovered for a while
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    My guess is that if we get in a bidding war with anyone the big cigars will lose interest because that is how we got TH and the loser got coach O. I think hiring a coach that is proven, reasonable, political, and really wants to be here, wins. Otherwise TH has another year to prove he is all of the above.
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    James Franklin's name getting tossed around
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    Rumor mill out of AU says they want Hugh Freeze
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    We have plenty of stupid alums, but who is stupid enough with enough money to bring pressure to get us to make our third costly and stupid hire in a row? Only an Aggie is that dumb.
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    Auburn is never going to be happy. Hugh Freeze was a crap HS coach, ****** college HC who couldn’t cheat properly and still couldn’t win.

    When your biggest BMD publicly throws his own daughter under the bus to get the coach he wants, then has said coach reject the offer, you’re dealing with a bunch of backwoods hillbillies that make Aggies look like hi society.
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  10. I_Dont_Exist

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    Freeze's resume hardly indicates he was a lousy coach. I can't speak to the cheating. His name has been mentioned for the Southern Miss job next year.

    Auburn will have to totally collapse for him to be fired and with their remaining schedule that's not likely. I've never been an insider but even I know Lawlor/Petrino story.

    Read several articles on Meyer last night. Check out the one by Matt Hayes in "The Sporting News". Hire Meyer and you can kiss the moral high ground goodbye forever.

    Edit- Forgot to mention Freeze and Malzahn are extremely close friends.
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    well the team and TH doesn't exactly have the moral high ground now
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    What’s Meyer supposed to have done?
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    Yes and that is what we need, an ego that wants to win, not a nice guy that coddles his players and insults the fan base.
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