will Chris Mihm play in the Finals?

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by beencounting, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. beencounting

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    what is his status? IR? on an "active roster" or whatever the NBA calls it...?

    Has any Longhorn ever played in an NBA Finals? I can't think of any.
  2. Horn-N-LA

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    Umm I think Gibson did last year while playing for the Cavs vs the Spurs...
  3. MGS

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    Did the Cavs actually show up?
  4. longhornfan2818

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  5. hudsonhorn

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    From the look of the Western Conference finals, the answer is no.
  6. CleverNickname

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    There was a Mihm mention on Simmons this week. A quip from a reader regarding Mihm and the revenge factor after having played with Boston for 52 games a few years ago.
  7. Red Five

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    Is he healthy? I assumed he wasn't playing because of injuries.
  8. homerwight

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    He's on the playoff roster, even if he is healthy, it's doubtful he get any PT unless someone gets hurt.
  9. DKR777

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    He will be the tall gentleman in the suit at the end of the bench.
  10. updog07

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    If the lakers keep up this 20 pt lead...

    It will be a Mihm reunion.
  11. Red Five

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    I don't get it. Even with their starting center out, and the Lakers pretty much getting abused underneath, Mihm's still not getting any minutes.
  12. have you seen mihm play?
    no offense, i like the dude, but he should be playing europe or something.
  13. fall01nk

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  14. TheRoot21

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    he is playing tonight
  15. beencounting

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    Mihm comes in the game and is brutalized by 3 or 4 Pierce drives to the bucket. Then is ripped by Barry during halftime.
  16. eflow24

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    I think Mihm was as surprised as anyone when they called his number. When was the last time he actually played?

    He wasn't the only one getting victimized by Pierce. The entire team was.
  17. gasemitter

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  18. buckhorn

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    It was on Jackson. Mihm is not likely to go into the game and make any kind of contribution nor laying of groundwork.

    Prove me wrong Chris.

    Barry ripped Jackson for having Mihm in the game. Not Mihm's fault.

    Celts have Lakes confused, tight, and scared. Jackson thinking he needs to get Mihm some minutes is proof. Maybe it pays off. I think not.
  19. Bob in Houston

    Bob in Houston 2,500+ Posts

    I specifically watched him while he was in the game. He did things the way a guy who hadn't played in a long time would do them.

    The first two fouls he drew were because whoever was supposed to be guarding Paul Pierce, in the words of the great Abe Lemons, couldn't guard a chair. Then he compounded it with a inbounding turnover, and a silly foul under the LA basket. Three fouls in about two minutes. And an airball.

    I have no idea what Phil Jackson was thinking.
  20. Statalyzer

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    He looked like a guy who hadn't played in a year, nothing unexpected.
  21. bevocbs

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    According to his buddy Kevin Dunn on the radio this morning, Chris was aware that he might get some time. He was apparently finally feeling healthy enough to play so Phil told him he may get some time.

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