Will Texas Be Undefeated Into the KU Game??

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Bigtex112, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Bigtex112

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    Looking at the schedule, it's conceivable that Texas could be 23 - 0 going into the titanic match on February 8. I can't see where we would lose a home game up to that date but we do have games in Fayetteville, Ames, Manhattan, Storrs (UCONN), Stillwater and Norman. What say you? I say we will be 23 - 0.
  2. overmaars

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    at Ames, at Manhattan, at Storrs. This will be a very, very tough road stretch. But a good test. Big XII conference opponents always get hyped at home vs TEX. Hilton, Bramlage and Gampel will all be rocking. Still, I think we can roll them all and remain undefeated heading into February. Maybe we drop one, but I doubt it.
  3. Pancho Negro

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    I've had us down as losing at K-State since the schedule came out. So if we do, I will have been expecting it for almost a year now and won't worry about it. If we win, hey hey that's good for us.

    I think it's conceivable to say that we could lose at UCONN and at K-State with ISU giving us a good game. I'm not worried that much about Arkansas as they are 7-5 with losses to South Alabama, Morgan State, East Tennessee St. and OU. Arkansas has barely beaten (4 pts or less) Missouri State and SFA. And yes, I realize how hype Arkie gets for anything Texas.
  4. Bigtex112

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    I, too, think that Manhattan or UCONN is the most probable site of a slip up but I'm sticking with 23-0. It just sounds nice.
  5. YeaTexasFight

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    How about KU? Will they be 23-0 coming into Austin?

    Traps on their schedule include games at #19 Temple Saturday and at #14 Tennessee a week from Sunday....Like Texas, they also play at ISU and at K-State before Feb 8. Also like Texas, they host Texas Tech before Feb 8.
  6. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    We could lose to aggy or KSU by then. Both are pretty good teams. I predict a loss to one or both of those two......not because they are better but just because.
  7. old65horn

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    don't know.
  8. Pancho Negro

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  9. Orangesweat

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    I don't think anybody should mark this down or anything, but I think both teams will be undefeated to start the day on February 8, 2010.
  10. drspldng

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    If they are both undefeated for that game......can you imagine what tickets will be going for?????

    Glad I already have mine!
  11. Chest Rockwell

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    Texas will have their work cut out for them to reach that game undefeated. Road games to KSt (12-1), UConn (9-3) and OKSt (11-1) look to be the toughest games on the schedule.
  12. Goothrey

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    Well, I saw Texas vs Iowa State last season at the Erwin Center and will probably be seeing the game @ the Hilton. Should be a decent game, probably similar to last years game, but with more offense.
  13. zork

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    Texas can win every game they play this year. Will they? If they listen to Barnes and play every game, every minute, every shot, like they want to win every game they will.

    Something tells me this is the year Barnes and Texas make it all happen. [​IMG]

    It's gonna be great to watch.
  14. warrior

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    Shooting so poorly from free throw line will cost Texas. I see this team losing 3 or 4 games in Conference play. I do not think Texas will be undefeated when they play KU but only having 3 or 4 losses is great.

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