Will There Be Race Riots?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Clean, Jul 10, 2013.

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    This John Guy state attorney is really desperate. No substance whatsoever to this closing rebuttal, just pleas to emotion. He starts with some bad romance novel opening paragraph about the purposes of a human heart. Maybe it'll work with this jury.

    He's completely tossed out the legally relevant merits of the case and just gone to the "We all wouldn't be here if Zimmerman didn't say $#@ punks, or got out of the car," and "this child with his skittles at the 7-11." What does the 7-11 have to do with anything??? And his pleas for the jury to use "common sense in your heart" is hail mary to cover their inability to prove beyond reasonable doubt. [​IMG]
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    'What does the 7-11 have to do with anything??? "
    As you point out the prosecution is desparate.

    I sincerely hope the jury doesn't decide to take the low road because they have heard so much about all the riots that will happen ( Thank you BO's DOJ) if Zimmerman is aquited
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    Sooooo, prosecution goes straight past Chewbacca defense, and decides to opt for "A Time to Kill"?

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    Does an all woman jury effect your approach to the case or closing arguments? Do y'all think an all woman jury would lean one way or the other?
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    Certainly competent counsel will try to tailor an opening AND a closing to the specific jury, but the fact that it is all women does NOT mean that you forget that women have a functioning brain. Falling on the emotion sword and foregoing legal issues that have to be proven is not apt to be a successful tactic...although the prosecution didn't have much of a choice but to fall on their own swords since they seem to have drawn the short straw when they got assigned this PoS case.
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    Obviously there has been a lot of talk about using emotional appeal to the jury because they are women. The prosecution has gone with this strategy, but I think it has as much to do with having a weak case as is does the gender of the jury. I find it ridiculous to think that a group of six women can't look at a situation logically and come to a reasonable conclusion without being overly emotional. I reserve the right to change my mind if they come back with murder 2. [​IMG]
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    Can lawyers (on either side) object to an emotional plea, e.g. "put yourself in the victims shoes on this dark and rainy night" A Time to Kill argument? Does the law entitle defendants to a trial without emotional non-material arguments?
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    7/13/13 Zimmerman acquitted.

    Protests break out in 3 California cities (go figure). Nothing too major.

    Beyoncé stops concert and asks for moment of silence for Trayvon.

    Rev. Al and NAACP call for Justice Dept. to step in and pursue Zimmerman for Civil Rights Violations against Martin, "like they did in the Rodney King Case".

    Rev. Al headed for Florida to stir **** up because that's what he does.

    What will Obama do since his "son" didn't receive justice? You know he won't be able to keep his nose out of this.
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    In a word, yes, there will be riots.

    Leave it to California to start the long hot summer of '13.

    I love Barbara Boxer's oxymoronic statement: "I respect the fact that the jury has spoken ... but I don't think this should be the last word,"

    And Obama is going to "stay out of it" mostly because he knows that his consigliere, Eric Holder, is already pursuing civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

    In reply to:

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    Nothing that comes from Boxer and her ilk surprises me. I have come to expect it. The space for common sense in their brains is taken up by stupidity.
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    I wonder if people like Father Pfleger( the chicago priest) see any hypocrisy in getting in front of a camera to ask people to pray for a guilty verdict for Zimmerman.
    Pray for a guilty verdict in Florida in front a camera in Chicago ?

    I guess all these agitators from Pfleger to Sharpton to Congressman Lewis and Johnson etc etc don't care about black people killing other black people even if they all look like children of BO.
    Why don't these all including the Congress people ask the justice dept to intervene in the hundreds of black on black murders ?
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    Yeah, Pfleger is a real piece of work (I wanted to say something else rather than work). He was centimeters from getting booted from the Catholic Church a few years ago.

    If you remember back to Pres. Obama's election, he was the race-baiting chump that was caught on camera preaching how white people, Hillary Clinton included, were against then Senator Obama because he was black.

    He is a nice window into the destructive lunacy that is south side Chicago politics.

    White people stink
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    I had forgotten that.
    I guess the father didn't realize Clinton was first black POTUS

    Since you are in Chicago do you have a link to this 'father' calling for action even if it is just for all the black children murdered by blacks while the Zimmerman trial was going on?
    never mind the well over a hundred murdered since the Zimmerman/Martin incident.
    heck we don't even know how roger35 feels about just the murdered black kids in LA last week end.

    How is it we know who all these enraged people feel about the Zimmerman trial?
  18. Mr. Deez

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    Riots like those taking place in California don't make sense to me. Purely for the sake of discussion, let's assume that the Zimmerman verdict was a gross injustice. Even assuming that, what's the point of causing personal injury and property damage to a bunch of people who had nothing to do with the alleged injustice? Furthermore, Los Angeles is left-leaning, and Oakland is about as liberal as it gets. Most of the harmed people probably agree with the rioters on the verdict, so why harm them?

    Wouldn't it make a lot more sense to rent a few buses, go out to Florida, and beat up the jurors or burn down their houses? Obviously, I don't advocate violence, but if I was in the rioting business, that's what I'd do. After all, they're the ones who rendered the verdict.
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    The riots in LA and Oakland are the result of thugs taking advantage of the situation. We saw the same thing with the Rodney King incident. Most of the people causing trouble didn't give a **** about King then, just as the ones behind the mayhem now couldn't care less about Martin. It's an opportunity to assault, vandalize and loot under the guise of protesting a perceived injustice.
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    Saw this today on the local news as well.


    South Side representing!

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    interesting timing...American History X was on late last nite. Reminded of the dinner scene with Elliot Gould's character as they discussed Rodney King.
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    I just hope that all you white guys are feeling an appropriate amount of white guilt because some half hispanic guy (that you don't know) killed a black guy (that you don't know) and was acquitted by a jury of six women (that you don't know). That proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Amerikka is a racist kountry that is still not safe for blacks, hispanics, LGBTs, Asians, Eskimos, and American Indians.
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    Does the new definition "White-Hispanic" also mean that Obama is a "White-African-American"?
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    What difference does any of this make now?
  25. Third Coast

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    I happened to catch part of star prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel on Piers Morgan Monday and was thoroughly entertained. Particularly when she made the following comment -

  26. Horn6721

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    Someone is trying really hard to coach her to explain her terms in the best least racial way possible
    but if you watched the Piers Morgan interview she isn't very teachable
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    Some radio host offered her a full ride at any historically black college. Umm....maybe she learns to read first?? When we say that college isn't for everybody, this is who we are talking about.
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    I would be willing to bet that radio host isn't a cracka.
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    "Seminole County sheriff's spokeswoman Heather Smith told the Orlando Sentinel that an SUV with the four family members inside overturned near the intersection of Interstate 4 and State Road 46. By the time deputies arrived, Zimmerman and another man "had already helped assist the family by getting them out of the overturned vehicle," Smith told the Sentinel."

    The accident site was less than a mile from where the volunteer neighborhood watch captain shot the unarmed Martin in Sanford, Florida., on Feb. 26, 2012, according to ABC news.

    The most shocking part is that he is still in the area and out driving around. It would be hilarious if the family turns out to be black.

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