Williams to have surgery; where's Chapman?

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by bierce, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. bierce

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    Didn't see a thread about this.

    Shawn Williams will have arthroscopic surgery on his ankle in a few days.
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    He's eligible for a redshirt, which brings us once again to the interesting topic of Clint Chapman, who didn't play early in the year because of foot and flu problems, and hasn't been seen the last 4 games. Has he aggravated the foot injury?
  2. TexasTower

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    Wow... between this loss and Varez it really shows just how deep and talented this team is.
  3. Win

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    Williams was one of the last guys scholarship guys off the bench in games he played. Its probably better for him since we're so deep that he'll have 4 years to play. I thought they should redshirt him if he wasn't getting significant PT before he sustaine his injury.

    Not sure what is up with Chapman. It would be nice for him to see some minutes but looks like we're only playing 4 big men regularly.
  4. Bob in Houston

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    My guess is that Chapman's not playing as well as Matt Hill, who came in just long enough to let Bryan Davis spin inside for a bucket and foul and was never seen again.

    If he has been reinjured, the chance for a redshirt obviously is gone, though.
  5. updog07

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    Last year - Chapman played a ton. When he has came in this year he has looked pretty good to my eyes...

    However, it all depends on who we are playing. Aggies were playing 4 guards and 1 big man for most of the game... and it was working. Their guards were blowing right by us all night.. I dont think the recipe for a W was Chapman.

    I would like to see him get some more PT. We might see him Monday as K-State is more of a running team... We are going to need our depth down low to stay rested.
  6. bierce

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  7. Bob in Houston

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    To the best of my knowledge, the rule is the same for all sports. If you're injured in third of the season (rounded up), and don't play, you can apply for the medical. I don't know of a distinction between halves -- the way I understood it, if you come back past the first third, your chance for a medical is gone.

    While you can't play past the third, if you recover and only participate in practice, you're still good.

    When Balbay suffered his knee injury prior to his freshman year, they could have gotten the medical, but instead they opted to show that he could have played in the last 10 games, took the full season for eligibility and chopped that off of the suspension.
  8. bierce

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    I can't get the NCAA website up today for some reason, but I'm almost certain the 1/3 rule applies to the number of games in which the player participates, not the time of the season in which the participation takes place. There is an additional limitation that the player must not have played after the second half of the season begins. So, if you play more than 1/3 of the season, you can't get a hardship. If you play at all in the second half of the season, you can't get a hardship. At least, I'm pretty sure that's what I read back in November.

    I'll post the text of the rule as soon as I can.

    Meanwhile, here's a secondary source from a Div. III conference.

  9. Bob in Houston

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    I downloaded the D-I Manual. You are right. (I want to give you credit, instead of saying "I think you're right" because these are hard to read.) The bylaw has been amended as of April, 2008. If you don't play in 30 percent of the games (rounded up) and you are injured before by the end of the first half of the season, you can get a medical.

    In a 29-game schedule, it's nine games. Chapman has played in seven, and they were before the second half.

    I'm not sure where the second half starts but if all the games in the CBE Classic are not included, they're are still OK. My thinking is that three of the four games are exempt, which would have made yesterday's game the 14th of a 29-game schedule (which, as I am sure you know, includes the first game of the B12 tournament).

    Don't know if K-State is in the first half or the second. I'm thinking the first because the bylaw says the NCAA tournament is included in the second half.

    Bottom line is it appears he can still get the medical. They have to document it, of course. I don't know if that means they have to prove he was reinjured, or just that he was hurt and didn't play nine games. I would guess, it's just that he had been hurt.

    I guess the question is, does having to depend on him mean that, this year anyway, they would be sunk. If the answer is yes, you go for the medical and hope for the best.
  10. musubi

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    honestly, it is difficult to imagine how BAD chapman must be in practice if he's being outplayed by matt hill. hill doesn't contribute anything on offense and, as bryan davis showed, very little on defense.
  11. bierce

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    Chapman comes in, finishes twice and lets the ball get by him down low on defense, thus ending any medical hardship speculation.

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