Willie Nelson Arrested For Drug Possession

Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by salonghorn-70, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. salonghorn-70

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    The Link
    The shocking aspect of the story is that they only found 6 oz of pot on the tour bus. [​IMG]
  2. Son of a Son

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  3. Crockett

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    Say it aint so.

    FAST FRED 500+ Posts

    There's probably occasionally that much between Willie's teeth.

  5. NickDanger

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    The attendance at Wille Nelson's funeral will be at least 10 times as much as any US President.

    LITNIN HORN 1,000+ Posts


    I guess the Border Patrol thought he was smuggling illegal aliens on his bus.
    Sheesh...******* idiots [​IMG]

  7. atxbomber

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    Another dangerous criminal off the streets.
  8. Third Coast

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    Smoking pot on a bus near the border is asking for trouble.
  9. DoobieWah

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  10. EPThorn

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    I dont believe it, im gonna have to see some physical evidence
  11. accuratehorn

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    It's only news if they pull Willie's bus over in some backwater hamlet and the search fails to find any pot. Besides, everyone knows the bus is powered by biofuel. [​IMG]
  12. Bevo Incognito

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    Arresting Willie for weed is like arresting Santa Claus for breaking and entering.

  13. accuratehorn

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    Don't these Barney Fifes have anything better to do than harrass working Americans over possessing a plant? FREE WILLIE!!!!!
  14. The Eyes of Texas

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    On the bright side, they quoted his agent on the radio as saying "Willie's feeling great. He's lost about 6 ounces"
  15. Harri McDog Horn

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    I would like someone to research this question: "What is the record for the oldest person arrested for possession of pot in the U.S.?". I know Willie or his sister must be approaching that record.
  16. rickysrun

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    Marijuana is illegal and Willie got what he deserved folks. Quit defending his actions! I'd keep ranting but I've got a FAT joint I'm about to spark up [​IMG]

    LITNIN HORN 1,000+ Posts


    Do you have to be so blunt?

  18. SunBurntOrange

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  19. AustinTejasFan

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    Willie weed is bound to be some pretty good ****.
  20. NativeTXchic

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    He was coming back from Cali.... [​IMG]
  21. A. BETTIK

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    Willie weed is domestic? If he's been smoking that sangre weed from Mexico then we should throw the book at him.
  22. Bevo Incognito

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    Billly Bob Thornton and Dave Letterman talk about the time each of them visited Willie's bus. Pretty classic stuff:

    The Link

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