Win over Purdue

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Horns11, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Horns11

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    Nice to have basketball and football win on the same day!

    Ramey was off today, but literally everyone else who played a bunch contributed a bunch. We got out-physicaled from the get-go on the rebounds, but I thought the team speed was good and they made decent decisions.

    Coleman might have had his biggest game yet. And Jones was ice cold on those FTs.
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    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

  3. Walking Boss

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    6-6 ft to ice it. Jones 4-4 and Coleman 2-2 in last 40 seconds or so. Solid win. The offense seems to have more motion this year. Defensive rebounding is definitely a weakness.
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  4. MajesticII

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    Thrilled to see guys knock down FTs in the clutch. 6 for 6 down the stretch from Jones and Coleman.
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  5. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised. Solid win!!

    Hook 'Em!!

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  6. Run Pincher

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    Rebounding and turnovers were bad, but everything else was pretty damn good considering the opponent and location. Gotta give Shaka some credit for that one.
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  7. mchammer

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    Gruntled, perhaps?
  8. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Yes! Gruntled, tickled pink, happy as a clam....really any of those. :hookem:
  9. DINO22

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    Way To Fight....
  10. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 5,000+ Posts

    Heard on the radio this is Shaka's first true road win over a ranked opponent since he's been at Texas.
  11. SAMMCHornfan

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    I love Longhorn basketball, but I reserve the right to be too giddy about an early season Longhorn win. Similar win to last years win over North Carolina and then playing MSU tough. And then along came RADFORD!!! I want so bad for the Longhorns to be good this year! My hope is for a “healthy” Andrew Jones to provide that extra spark. Like what I saw from Liddell too!
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