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    We are all winners... participation trophies for everyone! Can they make a 2nd golden hat trophy so we get to take one home every year?

    My goodness- we scored 14 pts in the first 2 minutes of the game, we were up 38-20 at halftime, our Heisman RB ran for over 130 yards, our true freshman receiver had 261 yds receiving- WOW! 261 yards and 2 touchdowns. And where do we start with the defense... they were so stellar that our rival had to pull their highly touted starting QB out of the game. We won the turnover battle, our FG kicker was perfect on the day and the crowd was electric!

    We probably need a bigger cabinet at Bellmont to house the moral victory trophy from this game.

    That's all! Just thought I would put a positive spin contrary to another thread I saw on here.

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  2. horninchicago

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    I think a beanie with a propeller on top would be more appropriate
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    Not sure if TexAgs would make this the greatest moral victory ever or meltdown the servers. But I will do neither :coolnana:
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    Great profile photo!
  6. MeatHeadHorn

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    Ha thanks. It captures the spirit of OU sucks succinctly I think. Better with a win attached to it.
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    Where'd the other, more accurate thread go?
  9. horninchicago

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    I deleted it.
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    Pantywaists like me are coming around to your way of thinking...
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    Even though my thread was accurate, some posters notwithstanding, I decided the use of the word losers was wrong.

    I should have kept the thread. It wasn't wrong.
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    Chokers may have been a little more appropriate, maybe not.
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  14. mchammer

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    We take the lead and then unwind it. Unwinning!
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    My friend just told me the Big12 will be a stronger football conference when we leave and Cincy
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    Nothing changes until Herman's recruits are gone and sark hits the road.
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    Combined 51-7 collapse over the past two weeks.
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    Hits the road recruiting, I presume.
  20. Horn2RunAgain

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    Probably for Utah State

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