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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by rreading, Mar 3, 2008.

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    Obviously not a huge deal, but we are tied with KU at 11-3 in conference play with two games remaining.

    Apparently they only have one game remaining, so if we both win out our regular seasons, we'll each have 3 losses, but we'll have the win over them as well as one additional conference win, so does that give us our conference championship (or is the big 12 champion decided on the basis of the tournament)?
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    What is the point of having co-champions when one team wins the head to head matchup with the other?

    In football, as we all know too well, the team that has the tiebreaker is considered champions of the South Division. I realize it's a different dynamic, as there are fewer games in college football and there is a championship game rather than a tournament, but still....

    I guess my point is that they should do away with the "co-champion" BS if another team wins the head to head matchup.
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    Actually, in football also, if there's a divisional tie than everyone is co-champions and the head-to-head (or head-to-head-to-head or whatever other tiebreakers get involved) winner goes to the CCG.
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    Winning conference championships is a big deal to me.

    I wish the Longhorns had a better shot of winning it outright, but oh well.

    If Texas can win a share of the Big 12 conference championship, that would give them 3 overall, which would be the second most in Big 12 history, with KU at 8 having the most, and Iowa State with 2.

    However, Iowa State won both of their's outright, whereas 2 of UT's would be shared.

    Still have to win these last two games. Really, as important as a conference championship is to me, getting back some momentum heading into the post season is just as important.
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    "Champions of the South Division" is a BS title.

    I don't mind the co-champion bit. It's an unbalanced schedule. They didn't change the rules midstream. Texas knew what they had to do to be outright champions coming down the stretch, and they didn't get it done.
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    I've never understood why the Big 12 schedule isn't random vs. keeping the north/south divisions. Drives me nuts each year that the South teams usuallu beat up on each other and KU gets a cakewalk.
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    Winning conference is huge to me. Other than winning the NC, that should be next in the heirarchy.
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    Winning conference championships is a huge deal to some fans, I'm one of them.

    It's a shame a university can rake in enough dollars from wanna -be fans that championships can be marginalized.

    Oh we go to the NCAA tourney every year. Our out -of-control point guard may cost us a second round game but he will be a NBA star.

    Oh we won 10 games when it takes 13-15 to be a true Champion.

    Oh we're going to have to develop pitchers who don't give up back to back HR's and bring in transfers that can field a ball in play.

    Oh Good Grief how about an AD demanding some responsibility? When does track start?
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    Agreed. The Big XII title is about more than bragging rights or the team having something big to be proud of at the end of year banquet. Recruits want to see trophies. They want to see that you were the best of the best, and that's a big deal in a conference like the Big XII, especially this year.

    With that said, making the Final Four is more important from a recruiting standpoint because of the exposure. It's not just the kids you invited to see your trophy case who know about that. It's every high school basketball player in America who wants to play for a top program and now sees you as one.

    EDIT: My post is in agreement with p town horn, not hoopshookem, who probably needs to take a step back and realize that a) Texas has still had a very good season in basketball, with the potential for it to get a lot better in the coming weeks, and b) baseball season is about much more than one bad weekend.
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    I also agree that the Final Four gets you some serious exposure and some serious respect as a 'basketball school'. I just hope nobody marginalizes the Big 12 championship by saying it is less important than a #1 seed or getting to the Sweet Sixteen but Final Four is different all together. That is the proving ground.
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    I didn't say the most important thing about the Final Four is the exposure. I said the Final Four is more important than winning the conference championship because of the exposure.
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    Once the NCAA tournament starts not even the biggest of college basketball fans around the country can name many teams that won their conference. It just does not matter overall.

    The hardware is nice for the trophy case but realistically the only thing that matters is how you do in the tournament.
    That is what people remember.
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    During the tourney few people know who the conference winners were, but name me the teams in the Sweet Sixteen last year. The same thing goes. As soon as the season is over I couldn't tell you who made the Sweet Sixteen, about all I care to remember is the final four on. When I talk to a recruit it would be nice to throw in some conference championships to go along with 10 straight tourney appearances. If not he might think, damn 10 in a row with only one final four, I'll go to Kansas. Now we can throw in some conf champs to go into the mix.
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    In basketball there is only one tournament that counts. Ask Bill Self about that.

    I am sure there are many Final Four teams who didnt win their conference championships, including Texas.

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