Wireless data at 2.5 TB/second

Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by Dionysus, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Dionysus

    Dionysus Admin Admin

    Interesting work being done with wireless data transmission. I hope they’re on to something real here.

    Extremetech Article

  2. The Eyes of Texas

    The Eyes of Texas 500+ Posts

    yea, but it probably causes cancer and/or brain damage.
  3. Dionysus

    Dionysus Admin Admin

    Party pooper.
  4. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada 10,000+ Posts

    Just wait. Somebody from the EPA will come along and try to kill this innovation.
  5. biganakhanhda

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    How much is this going to cost me Dionysus?

    Man I just "upgraded" my TWC (ugh) speed to the 50mbps and though it is noticeably faster, I think I would've been fine with sticking with the 30mbps. Reason why I regret doing this is, the upload speed is...get ready for this, still only 5mbps.

    Man I can't wait to move to my new house and get FIOS. I'll not only be getting a better internet provider but a TV provider as well as they will have the LHN channel. [​IMG]
  6. Dionysus

    Dionysus Admin Admin

    We had Comcast cable and I paid for the upgrade to 30 Mbps, which I sometimes got but it hardly ever dropped below about 15 which was still acceptable. We have a tech-heavy household with many connected devices and a couple servers, so I NEED MY BANDWIDTH!

    Anyway, I recently switched to AT&T U-verse and ordered the highest speed available which was 18 Mbps and I normally get about 10-14 or so.

    I just ran a speed test as I was writing this and got 4.5 Mbps down. I think I will switch back to Comcast.

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