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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by flash34, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. DFW_Horn

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    Not having a training camp and the accelerated roster deadline did not help. I didn’t expect Sug to make the Wizards roster this season but I thought Joyner might be able to stick with the Storm.
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  2. Jacob Johnson

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    I wonder why that is. Atkins & stafford are probably the only players who made it under Aston & it was not because of her development
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  3. hoopsalot

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    Really tough not having any training camp opportunity to show whether or not they were ready for the WNBA. The training camp could have been very valuable even if the players were ultimately waived. I am wondering how many overseas opportunities will be available due to the pandemic. Health and economic concerns could diminish the positions usually available. A lot of players have simultaneously made money and improved their pro games playing overseas.
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  4. BBV_Horn

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    They WERE ready for the next level...they just didn’t have a chance b/c of the per-season roster cutting...:puke:
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  5. DFW_Horn

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    Joyner off to Israel.

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  6. brnkj

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    Happy for her... hopefully she'll be able to get herself ready for the WNBA by going this route. Best wishes, Joyner! :hookem:
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  7. DFW_Horn

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    Didn’t even get to training camp with Seattle because of COVID, now signed by New York.

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