Women's Roster 2021-2022

Discussion in 'Tennis' started by 10SNE1?, Aug 29, 2021.

  1. 10SNE1?

    10SNE1? 250+ Posts

    Lulu Sun must have turned pro for she's not on the roster.

    Noticed a Grace Thomas player that I have yet to see any announcement about her joining the team.

    Anybody know anything about her?
  2. 10SNE1?

    10SNE1? 250+ Posts

    Lulu Sun! Is she just a student and not on the team? Either way, good to see her with the team.
  3. UTexRulz23

    UTexRulz23 500+ Posts

    Pretty sure she has gone pro. I guess it's possible that she's just competing in tournaments the way Stearns is and just isn't a student this semester. But I think she's not coming back.

    I would love to be wrong.
  4. UTexRulz23

    UTexRulz23 500+ Posts

    Texas Twitter does sometimes highlight the Turati's and other former students. But, maybe this means she could come back?

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