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    is their 11th place finish a disappointment considering they were ranked #3 in the nation earlier this year? it sounds like there was some clerical snafu that cost us points in at least 2 races. that's too bad.

    props to the aggy women for not only winning the big 12, but finishing 6th overall.


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    Still, a great year.

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    An 11th place finish is a far cry from the glory days of the 80's and total domination by Texas women swimmers. With arguably the best pool in the country and one of the fastest in the world, it's actually really sad how far women's swimming has fallen.
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    woah, woah........they had a couple of things go wrong with this meet and they placed 11th, but the have been Top 10 and even Top 5 for a long time.

    Kim Brakin has done an excellent job recruiting and they will be competing for an NC very soon.

    Women Swimming has fallen....geez.....I wonder what you think of our Women's basketball team, tennis team, etc.

    Women's swimming is not one sport you can criticize for falling.......
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    the women didn't have a very good meet all things considered but the program is certainly headed in the right direction; i'm expecting great things next season given that virtually all top performers return and several of the country's best recruits are coming in. texas also hosts the ncaa meet next year so that should provide extra motivation for the squad to produce a top result at the championships.

    one of the team's main challenges has been a lack of depth in the freestyle sprints, which obviously creates serious issues for the relays as well. bispo has been our only scoring threat in the sprints but fortunately we have two top freestylers coming in so that should help a lot (and one of these is also one of, if not the best incoming butterflier and backstroker); some of the squads other freestylers improved as the season progressed so hopefully they will be bigger contributors next year also. on the recruiting front, as mentioned in another post, there are only eleven 6-star recruits in next year's class and texas has signed two (the horns and stanford are the only programs to have inked more than one, with two each). i think we might also see several swimmers focusing on different events next season...for instance i don't know that the 500 and 1650 freestyle events are the best place for gingrich, even though she had good results earlier in the season and I understand why she swam them this year. one thing is for certain; the addition of tucker and moldenhauer should guarantee all five relays are among the nation's best next season.

    finally i think the horn diving squad has the potential to score mega points next season. we had two freshmen qualify for the championships this year, with taylor scoring (top 16) in all three events, and wilcox with a couple of top 25 finishes. caldwell is more than capable of scoring as well (and had been our top scorer during the regular/dual meet season) even though she just missed qualifying for the championships, and our top (and one of the nation's best) divers didn't compete this season, presumably due to injury, but will hopfully be back in 2010-11...that will give the horns four divers who have the potential to score in multiple events at next year's ncaa meet. there is no question that the horns will have the talent to be legitimate contenders for an ncaa championship next season.

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    was there a "sophmore slump" for 09's fabulous freshman group?
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