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  1. centexorange

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    Is anyone else wondering about this team? Strong play, wins then turn around and get blown out twice? Is it youth or what.
  2. blonthang

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    That win streak over 4 ranked teams in a row (ISU, KSU, BU, and KU) were all in Austin, except BU.

    Texas was jelling as a team of young players, playing preseason favorite teams that were having a bit of a slump.

    The recent losses to ISU and KU were away; now BU is peaking again, but this game is in Austin, so a little benefit to Texas.

    If the Horns go 2-2 with the next 4 games (BU, @OU, TCU, @Tceh) they'll be 22-9 going into the Big XII tourney, and if they can win one and then out, 23-10, still an almost sure NCAA bid.

    On balance, a very good year considering.

    Remember, the other teams are trying real hard to win also. Duh.

    Hook 'em
  3. Third Coast

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    When you have a team without any pure shooters that's not on top of the other aspects of the game, **** is bound to happen.
  4. caryhorn

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    I think home court means a great deal in college basketball, especially to a young team.

    Plus, youth is typically associated with inconsistency. Also youth is associated with growth spurts. I think this season has seen all of that.

    We have reached a plateau, and possibly taken a step or two back in a couple of recent games. Baylor is coming in on a roll. They are talented and will be very hard to beat. Ridley and Ibeh (sp) need to be ready for a tough physical night. We will need them to score, as well as block shots and rebound.
  5. tejas77

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    We are 21-7 after beating Baylor last night. If someone would have told me before the season started we would have 21 wins, I wouldn't have believed them. This team has far exceeded my expectations. [​IMG]
  6. Horn6721

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    This win also showed character.
    Once the momentum switched to Baylor last year's team would have folded
  7. LonghornCatholic

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    Yep. Gotta be pleased, but still with high expectations.
  8. Statalyzer

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