Won't find any solace in basketball.

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by car54, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. car54

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    Texas gives the man a raise and an extension to his contract, and he doesn't recruit a true point guard ????? What good is a basketball team when you don't have a point guard ?????? At least Charlie recruited a QB in SB.....SMH......
    Looks like our basketball team will be mediocre to bad. We may have a streaky shooter, but have no pure scorers we can depend on. Even if the Freshmen develop, not having a point guard will have us near the bottom of the pack in the Big 12. .
    The women's team looks to be meh as well.
    Volleyball is at least in the top 15, so there is that.
    Maybe our baseball team will do something.
    Not a good time to be a Longhorn.....What a terrible time to launch the LHN brand....SMH
  2. Htown77

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    It's a rebuilding year. I was never expecting to make the NCAA tournament this season. I am withholding judgment until next year.
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  3. car54

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    Looks like the following year will be rebuilding too if some Freshmen leave after one and we have a true Freshman point guard....Spinning our wheels just like with Barnes....except spending more money for the same or lesser product.
  4. Brad Austin

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    3 of 17 from downtown...yikes
  5. car54

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    Yep ...no shooters to force defense out away from paint, and no point guard to distribute the ball. Smart may not win 10 games if the conference is worth a crap this year. A $3 million dollar bust ? Looks like no post season for football or basketball for 2016-17.
  6. caryhorn

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    Off night from downtown. Point guard deficiency. Freshmen big men. Not playing together long enough yet to develop chemistry. All That just about ensures a very rough start against decent teams.

    No real surprise here. Will be much better in February. Will not challenge for B12 title. Will finish in top half and get into tourney. After that, all bets are off.
  7. car54

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    Surely will be better as Freshmen develop, but without a PG, no pure shooter from outside the arc, and our Freshmen big guys being so lean; I don't see us doing much unless the conference sucks this year. Can't see us challenging for anything.
    Check out BU, OU, WVU, OSU play right now...and they will get better as the season rolls along as well. Kansas is Kansas.....6th place IF we can handle KSU ( avg 80pt a game ), TT ( avg 80pt a game & played Auburn tough ), TCU ( avg 85pt a game ), ISU ( avg 90pt a game )....
    This season could be ugly.
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  8. SAMMCHornfan

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    Yeah, even Isaiah Taylor was only a three star point guard coming out of HS and he was pretty awesome as a freshman. Does he have someone on board for next year?
  9. sbmcruise

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    I was concerned when after last season I observed that what we had coming back was

    Kendal Yancy 4.74% of total minutes 3.86% of total points
    Shaquille Cleare 5.97% of total minutes 5.10% of total points

    Kerwin Roach 8.84% of total minutes 10.53% of total points
    Eric Davis, Jr. 10.24% of total minutes 10.40% of total points
    Tevin Mack 6.62% of total minutes 7.13% of total points

    Totals: 36.41 % of total minutes 37.03% of total points. After that analysis, it should be clear that this year was going to be somewhat of a rebuilding year. Notice there are no scholarship Sophomores from last year coming back as Juniors.

    Remember last year when Cameron Ridley broke his foot last December and it seemed the season was lost. I’m proud they didn’t fold when Cam was injured. I very much attribute that to Shaka Smart’s ability to reassess, regroup, revise strategy when events require and to enable players to step up. With 10 days Shaka had Prince Ibeh coached up well enough to put him in the NBA. After three really undistinguished seasons, largely limited by his tendency to draw fouls, adjustments were made and he was able play significantly more minutes of much improved defense and the beginning of some more credible offense.

    I also noticed that we didn’t sign a true point guard, but I don’t remember a huge gasp when we failed to sign a particular point guard last year. 247Sports did rank 4-5 star recruit Jacob Young as the 23rd best point guard recruit in the country and the 9th best basketball recruit in Texas, although other evaluators saw him more as a shooting guard. We had a ton of scholarships to use last year and I’m assuming Shaka could have signed a more true point guard if he wanted to.

    I trust Shaka will get this sorted out and we will have a decent year and some special years to come as these kids learn and mature. Jarrett Allen looks pretty special out there with amazing mobility for a big man and could be a one and done guy, but he has shown his tendency to plot his own course and I think he will stay another year or two.

    Shaka Smart knows more basketball than these naysayers
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  10. caryhorn

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    I feel good about the team, contrary to some posters, it seems. sbm gets it right, imho. The shooters, mack, young, davis, jones, will get their sea legs as the season develops. By that I mean shooting between 35-40% from the floor and much better in the paint. Which brings us close to a 50% shooting team by the end of the season. I don't think any team will want to leave mack alone at the arc. Nor young either.

    Point guard is another matter. Shaka has his work cut out for him there. But, I think Shaka will put the pieces together.
  11. ronich

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    Why don't you just find another team to support if you are so miserable?

    The context of virtually all of your posts is so negative I almost feel as if you are a troll seeking to elicit incendiary responses and/or create negative momentum.

    You must be a really unhappy person.

    What you stated is the unfortunate reality of college basketball in today's age, top players leave early to pursue their God given gifts and perhaps make a career for themselves, can you blame them?

    As for a point guard - Shaka has been in the running for some of the nations elite since he arrived, but it takes time to build a dynasty and recruit as effectively as we would all like (although I believe he has done an amazing job at this point). And, yes, this is a rebuilding year - in virtually all of our major sports - which is difficult after the amazing run we had in the 2000's, but it should make you appreciate how rare those stretches are and be thankful for them.

    There have been so many extraordinary, positive things that have taken place in the last year with Texas Sports - Shaka being brought on, Coach Pierce, Fenves, and most recently Herman hired as our new Head Football Coach, perhaps we should focus on the positive instead of perpetuating the perception of the ungrateful, negative, entitled "fan" that so many others believe constitute Texas' fan-base...
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  12. caryhorn

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    From what I read on most of your posts, most days maybe you would be better off taking a nice walk in the woods, where there are beautiful views, quiet breezes and birds singing. Something to help you get the glass half empty out of your system. I think you would be doing yourself a real favor.

    My friend, from me to you, IT IS ALWAYS A GOOD TIME TO BE A LONGHORN. Just let that sink in while your walking out there in those lovely Texas vistas.

    And think how nice it is not to be an aggie. Or maybe you are an aggie?
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